2017 BFA Election Information

Dear Colleagues - 

During the April 6th BFA meeting the BFA will elect three officers (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary) and two members of the BFA to serve on the Executive Committee as BFA member at-large representatives.

In order to cast your vote YOU MUST attend the election on April 6th. 4:00 to 5:30 p.m., in the C4C Flatirons Room.

Who can make a nomination? Any BFA member may make a nomination including outgoing members, continuing members, and newly-elected/appointed members.  Self-nominations are welcome.

Who can be nominated? Nominees must be willing to attend Executive Committee meetings. Executive Committee meetings are held every Monday during regular semesters, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Special meetings are sometimes held during semester breaks.  Nominees must be willing to perform their additional duties:

  • The BFA Vice Chair is also Chair of the BFA Bylaws Committee.
  • The BFA Secretary is also Chair of the BFA Nominations and Elections Committee.
  • The two Executive Committee BFA Members At-large are also Boulder Campus representatives on the System-wide Faculty Council, which meets monthly at 1800 Grant Street in Denver.

The pool of potential candidates is composed of all newly elected/appointed BFA members, re-elected/re-appointed BFA members, and continuing BFA members. That list appears on this page, in the right-hand column.

How can I make a nomination? You may send nominations anytime via email to BFA Secretary Vicki Grove (Vicki.Grove@colorado.edu) AND BFA Coordinator Sierra Swearingen (Sierra.Swearingen@colorado.edu). You may ALSO make nominations from the floor during the election at the BFA meeting on March 6th.

The Elections Committee will prepare a written ballot in advance of the meeting.  If you wish your candidate’s name to appear pre-printed on the ballot you must submit your nomination BEFORE April 5th at 11:59 pm.

Who can vote? Any BFA member present at the meeting may vote. This includes outgoing members, continuing members, and newly-elected/appointed members.  The Elections Committee will invite newly elected/appointed members to participate in the election.




Current Candidates are:

For BFA Chair:

Hillary Potter, Professor, Ethnic Studies (A&S)

Bob Ferry, Associate Professor, History (A&S)

For BFA Vice Chair:

Adam Norris, Senior Instructor, Applied Math (A&S)

For BFA Secretary:

Vicki Grove, Senior Instructor, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures (A&S)

For Executive Committee BFA member at-large:

No candidates.



Continuing and Re-elected members:

Alhadeff, Albert - Art and Art History

Baena, Julio - Spanish & Portuguese Rep.

Beechy, Tiffany - English Rep.

Boykoff, Max - Environmental Studies Rep.

Carey, Greg - Psychology Rep.

Casagrand, Janet - Integrative Physio. Rep.

Chang, Philip - College of Music Rep.

Comstock, Cathy - At-large Instructor Rep

Craven, Priscilla - French & Italian Rep.

Cundiff, Mel - Ecol. and Evol. Bio. Rep

Dalton, Bridget - School of Education Rep.

David Gross - School of Business Rep.

Ferry, Bob - History Rep.

Graves, Philip - Economics Rep

Grove, Vicki - Germanic/Slavic Langs. & Lits. Rep.

Gruber, Aya - School of Law Rep.

Hickcox, Abby - Honors, RAPs, & MASP Rep.

Hornstein, Seth - Astrophysical & Planetary Rep

Jacka, Jerry - Anthropology Rep

James, Sarah - Classics Rep

Kleeman, Terry - Asian Langs & Civs Rep

Kunce, Catherine - At-Large Rep, any unit

Meiss, Jim - Applied Math Rep

Miller, Shelly - At-Large NON-A&S Rep

Mishra, Shivikant - At-Large NON-A&S Rep

Montgomery, Bruce - University Libraries Rep.

Nerem, Steve - Aerospace Engr Rep.

Norcross, Alastair - Philosophy Rep

Norgaard, Rolf - At-large Instructor Rep, any unit

Norris, Adam - At-large Instructor Rep, any unit

Pieplow, Kathryn - Prog. Writing & Rhet. Rep.

Potter, Hillary - Ethnic Studies Rep.

Ramsberger, Gail - Speech, Lang, & Hearing Sci. Rep.

Rankin, Patricia - Physics Rep.

Rich, Kevin - Theatre & Dance Rep.

Roof, Aaron - Reserve Officers' Training Corps Rep.

Ruben, Shalom - Mechanical Engineering Rep.

Schwartz, Daniel - Chemical & Biological Engr Rep.

Skerski, Jamie - Communication Rep

Slayden, David - School of Jrnlism / Mass Comm. Rep.

Spielman, Seth - Geography Rep.

Vanderhieden, Steve - Political Science Rep.

Walden, Glenda - Sociology Rep.

Newly elected and newly-appointed BFA members:

David Youkey, Instructor, Philosophy – BFA At-Large

Tad Pfeffer, Professor – BFA Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Representative

Geoff Marslett, Assistant Professor, BFA Film Studies Representative

Katherine Little, Professor, English - BFA At-Large

Susan Hallstead, Senior Instructor, Spanish and Portuguese – BFA Instructor At-Large

Sam Flaxman, Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – BFA At-Large

Andrea Feldman, Senior Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric – BFA Instructor At-Large

Shanta De Alwis, Professor, BFA Physics Representative

Shilo Brooks, Instructor, Herbst Humanities in Engineering – BFA At-Large

Vanessa Baird, Associate Professor, Political Science – BFA At-Large

Election Schedule:

  • Campus-wide nomination deadline:  Friday, March 10, 2017 
  • Campus-wide electronic ballot delivery:  Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • Electronic ballot due:  Before midnight, March 24th, 2017. Please vote before Spring Break!
  • Election of BFA officers:  BFA Meeting Thursday, April 6th, 2017
  • Election of BFA members to BFA Committees:  BFA Meeting Thursday, April 6th, 2017



BFA Secretary and Chair, BFA Nominations and Elections Committee