2016 BFA Election Information

Dear Colleagues - 

The Senate has elected the following faculty in the spring 2016 BFA election, open to the entire CU Boulder Faculty Senate. Senate members were elected to BFA Standing committees, and to an At-Large seat on the Assembly.


Elected to an At-Large seat on the Assembly:
Catherine Kunce, representing all Campus faculty

Elected to BFA Committees:

Administrative Services & Technology Committee
John Hoover
Alex Sweetman
Paul Voakes
Jeffrey Weiss

Diversity Committee
Robert Ferry
William McGinley

Faculty Affairs Committee
Aya Gruber
Daniel Kellogg
Ahmed White

Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee
Janet Casagrand
Janet Donavan
Jennifer Knight
Steven Pollock
Eric Stade

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Matt McQueen

Student Affairs Committee
Luke Johanson
Catherine Kunce
David Slayden

It is now time for the internal Boulder Faculty Assembly election to elect officers and to match BFA members with standing committees. The BFA Nominations and Elections Committee is requesting nominations for the following officer positions and for committee seats.

The election of next year’s BFA officers will be conducted during the next full BFA meeting, Thursday, April 7, 2016. The election results will be announced during the same meeting. Currently, the people listed below are running for the five officer positions. All terms are for one year, with the option of running again for a second term.

Chair - Melinda Picket-May (current BFA Chair)
Vice Chair - Adam Norris (current BFA Secretary)
Secretary - Vicki Grove (German & Slavic representative)
At-Large - BFA Representative to the Executive Committee Robert Ferry (current BFA Vice Chair)
At-Large - no nominations yet

Please e–mail the BFA Secretary at adam@colorado.edu by 11:59 pm, Monday, April 4, 2016 if there are additional nominations for the positions above. The most current list of nominees will be emailed to BFA members the following day.

The election of BFA members to BFA Committees will be conducted via electronic ballot. All committee terms are for three years:

Number of BFA committee seats up for election, by affiliation.  Committee Any A&S Non–A&S  Academic Affairs 1  Administrative Services & Technology 2  Bylaws 1 1 3  Faculty Affairs 2  Nominations and Elections 3 3  Student Affairs 1

BFA members are encouraged to serve on at least one committee. Follow this link for additional information about committee charges, composition, etc: http://www.colorado.edu/bfa/boulder-faculty-assembly-committees.

Nomination e–mail packets should include:

1. the nominee’s affiliation (A&S or Non–A&S), home department/unit, and contact details;

2. the specific committee(s) of interest;

3. the nominee’s confirmation (separate e–mail is fine) that they are willing to serve;

4. the name and department/unit of the faculty member making the nomination (self–nominations are most welcome!);

5. an e–mail header containing the phrase “BFA Election.”

Please e–mail your nomination packet(s) to the BFA Secretary at adam@colorado.edu by 11:59 pm, Sunday, April 10, 2016. Shortly after the nomination window closes, you will receive an email with a link to the electronic voting site.

The election results will be posted on the BFA web page when they are available.


Adam Norris adam@colorado.edu
Chair, BFA Nominations and Elections Committee
BFA Secretary


Election Schedule:

  • Campus-wide nomination deadline:  Sunday, February 28, 2016
  • Campus-wide electronic ballot delivery:  Wednesday, March 9, 2016
  • Electronic ballot due:  Sunday, March 20, 2016
  • Election of BFA officers:  BFA Meeting Thursday, April 7, 2016
  • Election of BFA Committee Chairs:  BFA Meeting Thursday, April 7, 2016