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Boulder Faculty Assembly Executive Committee Roster

Name Position Unit CB Phone E-mail
OFFICERS & BFA At-Large Representatives          
Paul Chinowsky BFA Chair CEAE 428 5-1063
Mike Klymkowsky BFA Vice Chair, Bylaws Committee Chair MCDB 347 2-8508
Carmen Grace BFA Secretary, Elections Cmte Chair FRIT 238 2-5768
Peggy Jobe At-Large Executive Committee Member LIBR 184 2-4682
Bob Ferry At-Large Executive Committee Member HIST 234 2-1698
voting ex-officio members
Tad Pfeffer Academic Affairs Cmte Co-Chair INSTAAR 450 2-3480
Horst Mewes Academic Affairs Cmte Co-Chair PSCI 333 2-6184
Karen Ramirez Administrative Services & Technology Cmte Chair SRAP 353 2-6042
Greg Carey Administrator Appraisal Cmte Chair PSYC 354 2-1658
Jerry Rudy Budget &Planning Cmte Chair PSYC 354 2-3306
Ruth Ellen Kocher Diversity Cmte Co-Chair ENGL 226 2-2871
Marty Walter Faculty Affairs Cmte Chair MATH 395 2-8544
John McCartney Faculty Compensation & Benefits Cmte Chair ENGR 428 2-0470
Adam Norris Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Cmte Co-Chair APPM 526 2-7566
Joe Jupille Intercollegiate Athletics Cmte Chair PSCI 333 2-5445
Philip Chang Libraries Committee Chair MUSC 301 2-1081
Vacant Student Affairs Cmte Chair        
Jerry Peterson Most recent Past BFA Chair PHYS 390 2-1686
David Kassoy Retired Faculty Assn Representative MCEN   2-6066
non-voting ex-officio members
Catherine Labio Arts & Sciences Council Chair ENGL 226 2-6321 Catherine.Labio@Colorado.EDU
liaisons, obervers, and resource members
William Kaempfer
Vice Provost, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Budget & Planning   40 2-6923
Melinda Piket-May
Faculty Council FC   2-7448
Chris Schaefbauer
CUSG President of Student Affairs   206 2-7473
Layne Hubbard
CUSG Director of Academics   206 2-7473
Joey Hubbard
UGGS President     2-5068
Carrie Olson
BFA Coordinator BFA 428 2-5606

Executive Cmte Meeting Oct 17 2011

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