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BFA Administrator Appraisal Committee

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"The Administrator Appraisal Committee shall consist of ten members. Six members shall be elected from the Faculty Senate for staggered, three-year terms, and shall include of three members elected from Arts and Sciences representatives and three members elected from non-Arts and Sciences representatives. Two members shall be elected from the Assembly for staggered two-year terms, not to exceed their tenure in the Assembly. Two members shall be elected by the Assembly from candidates nominated by the administration for staggered, two-year terms. There shall be an ex officio member from the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis, selected with the concurrence of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall oversee the BFA evaluation of administrators during each spring semester, update or modify the evaluation questions and procedures in accordance with the faculty and evaluees’ feedback, and keep current the list of administrators to be appraised." BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(c).

The surveys with which the Administrator Appraisal Committee is tasked include two major areas of inquiry: one is an in-depth, performance-based set of questions on administrators' performance, given to all faculty constituents, with results available in time for the data to be available to influence critical peronnel decisions. The other is a general 'satisfaction survey' given to all faculty, on non-personnel issues "to separate them from teh evaluation of [the] individual administrators [under review that year]. (See BFA-M 5-03-00.) As a practical matter, the satisfaction survey has been conducted biennially, in part because some years do not require any administrator reviews. Links to appraisal reports AND to satisfaction survey reports appear at the bottom of this page.

Committee Resources:

2013-2014 Committee Roster

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL Term Exp
Susan Nevelow Mart BFA Rep LAW 401 2-1233 1 2014
Greg Carey - CHAIR BFA Rep PSYC 345 2-1658 1 2015
Bud Coleman A&S Rep THDN 261 2-5809 1 2015
Vacant A&S Rep            
Chuck Rogers A&S Rep PHYS 390 2-4476 1 2014
Kai Larsen Other Units Rep BUSN 419 5-6448 1 2015
Conrad Stoldt Other Units Rep ENGR       1 2016
Roger "Buzz" King (2013) Other Units Rep CSCI 430 2-7398 2 2016
James Williams Administration Rep LIBR 184 2-7511    
Lorrie Shepard Administration Rep BUSN 249 2-6937    
Fran Costa Ex-Officio PBA 015 2 8633    

2013-2014 Report
Committee Report: Dean Weiser
Committee Report: Dean Stevenson
Committee Report: Dean Ikenberry

2012-2013 Report

2011-2012 Report

2010 - 2011 Reports

2008 - 2009 and 2009-2010 Reports

  • No administrators were evaluated in these years because no eligible administrators were due for review.

2007 - 2008 Reports

2006 - 2007 Reports

2005 - 2006 Reports

2004 - 2005 Reports

  • Satisfaction Survey results were limited to Arts and Sciences Faculty. Results are included in the Report on Dean Gleeson.
  • Dean Gleeson, College of Arts and Sciences

2003 - 2004

*Please contact BFA for other information prior to 2004.

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