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BFA Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee

"The Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee shall consider issues pertaining to instructors and lecturers, including but not limited to compensation, workload, performance review, promotion, contract renewal, and intellectual freedom. The Committee shall periodically review Academic Affairs and other campus policies relating to the professional responsibilities of instructor-track faculty. The Committee shall act as a clearinghouse for suggestions and concerns for instructor-track faculty matters.

The Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee shall have a minimum of seven faculty and may choose additional members, subject to approval by the BFA Executive Committee, to ensure sufficient membership to address specific issues and concerns as they arise.  The Committee shall consist of at least two BFA members regardless of faculty status, a minimum of three instructors from different disciplines, and at least two tenured or tenure-track faculty. The Committee shall appoint one of its members to attend meetings of the Faculty Affairs Committee."

BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(m).

NOTE: The inaugural membership of the committee includes 8 members. The BFA Executive Committee approved expanding the membership to eight during the committee's initial semester (spring, 2012), at its meeting on November 28th, 2011. Click here for the Executive Committee's minutes of that meeting.

Committee Resources

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012-2013 - Click here to download the Committee's Annual Report for 2012-2013 (pdf)

Annual Report 2011-2012

The inaugural members of the Instructor-Track Faculty Affairs Committee (ITFAC) met for the first time in November, 2011. During the first half of the Spring 2012 semester it met every other week, then once a month for the remainder of the semester.

The committee focused on the following tasks and issues this year.

  • The committee put forth BFA resolution BFA-R-030112.6 concerning the discussion of work-load and service associated with Instructor re/appointments. The motion passed unanimously.
  • ITFAC members met with several university administrators, the Chair of the Arts and Sciences Committee, and some Deans, and Associate Deans to establish lines of communication, as well as to discuss speci c potential avenues for pursuing the direct charge of the committee.
  • Additional meetings with Deans and Associate Deans will continue through the summer of 2012.
  • ITFAC met with two of the candidates for Dean of Arts and Sciences to discuss their views on the roles of instructors on this campus.
  • ITFAC has decided to pursue the development of training/educational sessions, that would be open to all faculty and sta , addressing some of the more extreme issues that might occur while teaching.
  • ITFAC has decided to attempt to connect instructors across campus, and to sponsor informational sessions associated with career advancement on the UCB campus.

2013-2014 Committee Roster

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL Term # Exp
Adam Norris (INST) (2014) BFA Rep APPM 526 2-7566 1 2014
Rolf Norgaard (INST) - CHAIR BFA Rep PWR 317 2-3605 1 2015
Margaret Asirvatham (INST) Senate rep CHEM 215 2-2802 margaret.asirvatham@Colorado.EDU 1 TBD
Cathy Comstock (INST) Senate rep FRAP 180 2-7656 cathy.comstock@Colorado.EDU 1 TBD
Janet Casagrand (INST) Senate rep IPHY 354 2-4812 1 2016
Steve Pollock (TTT) Senate rep PHYS 390 2-2495 steven.pollock@Colorado.EDU 1 TBD
Jenny Knight (INST) Senate rep MCDB 347 5-1949 1 2016
Vacant Senate rep            
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