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Substitute Motion: Compensation Recommendations

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Substitute Motion for Compensation Recommendations

BFA-M-0505-05B  May 5, 2005


MOVED that the Boulder Faculty Assembly approve the following proposed changes to the Budget and Planning Committee motion for compensation of faculty for faculty governance service:

MOVED that a 10% salary supplement per year be awarded to the BFA chair, a 2/9ths summer stipend, and a two-course buy-out each academic year during his/her term of service;

MOVED that the BFA chair be provided with a one semester administrative leave or other appropriate release time from teaching and a permanent salary increase of $5,000 at the end of his/her term of service;

MOVED that the appropriate department chair/dean be directed to provide the BFA chair with a differentiated workload that weights service at approximately 75% to 80%, and that the Chancellor and Provost be consulted during the yearly evaluation process;

MOVED that the Provost, Deans and Chairs be strongly encouraged to ensure that faculty governance activities (=service at the college, campus and system level) receive proper recognition and appropriate financial reward from departments and units within the university;

MOVED that several annual Faculty Governance Awards ($10,000 each) be establisehd from the general salary pool to be awarded to departments/units whose faculty excel in campus service (based on data gleaned from the FRPAs of departmental members).  A chair would submit a summary of the faculty governance service accomplishments of his/her department/unit to the appropriate university official (Provost or Chancellor) for consideration for this one-time award.  If granted, it would be given to the department specifically to reward the faculty whose service accomplishments warranted this distinction.  We feel that such a program wuold be one positive step in a process to change our institutional attitudes towards service in faculty governance.

Motion to Substitute Compensation Recommendations:   May 5, 2005
Approved by the BFA:   May 5, 2005
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