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Surviving Spouse Plan
(By Bob Millsap, Director of Employee Benefits)

On February 16, 2000 University of Colorado President John C. Buechner approved a plan, unanimously recommended by the University Benefits Advisory Board (UBAB), to provide an employer contribution for health benefits to the surviving spouses of CU faculty and unclassified staff.

Effective July 1, 2000, all surviving spouses of deceased CU faculty members and unclassified staff enrolled in a CU Health Plan, will receive the full employer contribution for health insurance for two years. After the initial two-year period, the employer contribution will be determined on a "graduated" scale according to the employee's years of service at CU. Benefits will start at 5% of the employer's contribution amount for an employee with one year (or less) of service, increasing to 100% of the employer's contribution for an employee with 20 (or more) years of service at CU.

Surviving Spouses currently enrolled in a CU Health Plan will automatically receive the new benefit contribution from the University. They will not need to re-enroll in the insurance plans to receive the new benefit. Spouses of deceased employees and deceased retired employees, who are not currently enrolled in a CU Health Plan, will have a one-time opportunity to enroll for this Surviving Spouse benefit during a special open enrollment period. If you know a surviving spouse, please ask them to consider enrolling in this program.

Open Enrollment for spouses currently not enrolled in the program will be held from May 5, 2000, through June 2, 2000. New participants will need to complete an insurance enrollment form and return it to the University of Colorado, Payroll & Benefit Services, Campus Box 575, Boulder Colorado 80309-0575. If you have questions about the Surviving Spouse Benefit Program or wish to obtain an insurance enrollment application, please call Payroll & Benefit Services at 303-735-6500 or 1-877-627-1877.




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