OIT Program Review

Recently the Office of the CIO and OIT underwent an administrative program review, which entailed four phases: (1) organization self-study, (2) internal review, (3) external review, and (4) synthesis of the information into a formal report and action plan.

The purpose of the self-study phase was to assess the mission, goals, structure, activities, and outcomes of the Office of the CIO and ITS. 

The purpose of the internal review was (1) evaluating the extent to which ITS is efficiently and successfully fulfilling its purpose and goals in support of the University’s mission and strategic plan; (2) conducting an independent analysis of ITS strengths and weaknesses; and (3) identifying areas of needed improvements. 

The purpose of the external review phase of the program review was to provide a team of knowledgeable, experienced and objective individuals from other universities to review the goals, objectives, services, resources, and organizational structure of the Office of the CIO and ITS and offer feedback and guidance where appropriate.

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