Campuswide Collaboration of IT Professionals (CCITP)


CCITP provides technical and policy advice to the Office of the CIO on campus-wide IT initiatives as a group of IT practitioners from the academic, administrative, and research areas.


Provide the CU Boulder campus with a dynamic, strategic, responsible group of IT practitioners who have broad technical knowledge and a campus-wide perspective. CCITP meetings will include discussion on processes, projects, policy, and other subjects in order to broaden input regarding campus-wide IT topics.  For further information about IT practitioners and OIT campus outreach, please visit the OIT Campus Outreach page.


Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month.  Please see the agenda for details.


All three areas, Schools and Colleges, Research Institutions, and Administrative Departments are represented, as well as UIS. Each area will have no more than six individuals attend each CCITP meeting.  Representatives from OIT will attend as appropriate based on the agenda in order to facilitate the discussion.  In order to optimize meeting participation, the recommended Governance meeting size is approximately 25 people.

Each of the three areas will have a designated Coordinator. The primary responsibilities are:

  1. Coordinating who will attend the Governance meetings from that area.
  2. Communicating and fostering interaction within the specific area.
  3. Proactively reaching out to the areas not represented to include their perspective.

The Coordinator position for each area will be selected on a periodic basis (typically no less than one year).

Current coordinators: Scott Maize (Research Institutions), Sean Pease (Administrative Departments), and Jon Sibray (Schools and Colleges).

CCITP is co-chaired by an OIT representative and a representative from campus. Selection of the co-chairs and the length of appointment are determined by the CIO.

Current co-chairs: Chris Bell (OIT) and Ron Ried (Facilities Management).