Campuswide IT Governance

The University of Colorado at Boulder’s IT governance and advisory structure was reviewed by a campuswide IT strategic planning committee. OIT has also completed a Program Review including a self-study, internal review, and external review.

Governance is provided by six committees composed of leaders from across campus and CCITP. These six committes are:

The IT Executive Advisory Committee
CU-Boulder’s IT Executive Advisory Committee reviews strategic initiatives brought forth by the AVC for IT and serves as a high-level review for campus IT policies prior to final signature from the Chancellor. This committee includes both faculty leaders and vice chancellors from administrative areas as well as Legal Counsel.  

The IT Faculty Advisory Committee
CU-Boulder’s Faculty IT Advisory Committee provides input about IT services and resources used in support of teaching, learning, and research, and advises on IT strategies and priorities.

Boulder Campus Cyberinfrastructure Board (BCCB)
The BCCB is a faculty-based governance board that guides and oversees the development and operation of CU Boulder's collaborative research computing environment. This includes the following components: computational systems, advanced networking, information and data management, education and training, as well as local, regional and national partnerships.

The IT Student Governance Board
This board provides advice on strategic IT initiatives aimed at improving the technological lives of the 30,000 students at CU-Boulder. This group addresses concerns with current services as well as providing forward-looking advice and counsel on new services.

The IT Administrative Advisory Committee
CU-Boulder’s Administrative IT Advisory Committee provides input about IT services and resources that support campus administrative and business functions, and advises on campus IT strategies and priorities.

Campuswide Collaboration of IT Practitioners (CCITP)
CCITP provides the CU-Boulder campus with a consistent, strategic, responsible group of IT professionals who have technical knowledge and campus-wide perspective. This group was formed to advise the office of the CIO on campus-wide initiatives as a body of IT professionals from the academic, administrative, and research areas.

Conceptual View of Campus IT

Governance Structure

IT Continuum