CCITP members

Administrative Departments

Coordinator: Robert Dixon – Housing & Dining Services
Housing and Dining Services: Al Roberts, Eric DenBraber, Larry Drees, Bryan Radke, Jeff Spivey
Registrar: David Beckham
Admissions: Michael Faulkner
Bookstore: Brian Groves, Eric Butcher, Charles Fischer
Facilities Management: Eric Miller
Human Resources: Joe Kuster, Paulo Fiori
Rec Center: Robert Lombardo
Public Safety: Chris Neves
UMC: Sean Pease, Victor Lombardo
Wardenburg: Angela Eaton
Budget and Finance- Robert Stubbs

Research Institutes

Coordinator: Ash Macon – Institute of Cognitive Science
David Gallaher/Mike Stowe – CIRES
Graham Mountain – CIRES
Gary Schut – LASP
Peter Ruprecht- JILA
Chad Stoffel- INSTAAR
Jeff Lessem- IBG
Dan Timmons- CIMB

Schools and Colleges

Rotating representatives occupying the 6 seats pulled from the following complete group of IT pros at Schools and Colleges (in alphabetical order by last name):

Chris Bell - Law (CCITP Schools and Colleges Coordinator)
John Black - Computer Science
Mark Dehus - CAETE Continuing Education
Andre Grothe - Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Offices
Allen Harlow - Architecture & Planning
Merlyn Holmes - Graduate School
Stephen Jones - Journalism
David Kohnke - Leeds Business School
Matt Lessem - ECE Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
Rice Majors - Libraries
Sara McDonald - Education
Eric Moakley - Arts and Sciences
Jonathan Roberts - Psychology