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Per the Policy on Discovery and Patents, the university owns student discoveries or patents perfected using university facilities as a condition of the student’s education. Every person, as a condition of employment or of his/her education, and every user of university facilities, shall comply with the policy.

Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center is a student fee-funded facility with policy set by the UCSU Joint Board on Recreation Services (mostly a student group). The Student Recreation Center is open seven days a week for approximately 16 hours per day with most of the areas available for open recreation much of the time. Visit our website for a complete listing of the facilities and programs we offer—including the outdoor program and intramural and club sports.


CU-Boulder is home to one of the oldest and largest recycling programs in the nation. Look for recycling containers in and around every campus building where you can recycle co-mingled containers, office paper, newspapers and their inserts, magazines, catalogs and phonebooks, and corrugated cardboard. CU Recycling is a partnership between CUSG, Facilities Management, and Housing & Dining Services.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is against the law. It is specifically prohibited on campus and in the university community. The university’s definition of sexual assault encompasses sexual contact, sexual intrusion, and sexual penetration without consent. Acquaintance rape accounts for the majority of rapes committed, and includes situations in which a person is without the physical or mental capacity to consent (often due to being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs). Violators can be arrested, charged with a crime, and may face university discipline.

Sexual Harassment

 See Discrimination and Harassment.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Excellent downhill ski areas are a relatively short distance from Boulder. National forest and park service lands are open to cross-country skiers wherever there’s snow. Maps of national forest and park locations are available at retail stores specializing in mountain sports. Wherever you go, be alert to snow and weather conditions. Remember that storms might approach quickly during the winter, and the State Patrol might require chains or adequate snow tires for traveling on mountain roads. Drive and ski carefully!


For your health and the health of our community, thank you for not smoking on the CU-Boulder campus. Learn more at

Sports and Recreation

The Student Recreation Center is a student-fee-funded service managed by the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG).  The Rec is open seven days a week and has an auxiliary site at Williams Village. Approximately 3,000–5,000 students use the Rec on a daily basis. Visit the website for a complete listing of the facilities and programs offered, including four premier programs: fitness and wellness, club sports, intramurals, and the outdoor program.


Student Academic Success Center

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) offers eligible undergraduates supplemental instruction for key courses, college learning strategies workshops, core curriculum mathematics and writing courses, individual consultations to improve academic performance, assistance for undergraduates who speak English as a second language, referrals for group and individual tutoring, and preparation for post baccalaureate study. The center hosts the McNeill Academic Program, Academic Excellence Student Support Services Program, and Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs’ primary focus is to create a positive learning environment that fosters successful educational and personal development of all students, both in and outside of the traditional classroom. Student learning and success is enhanced when the academic environment and community support students’ full development as individuals—not just as isolated intellects—and when students are seen as important partners in the learning experience. For a complete listing of services offered, visit the student affairs website.


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