Resources: Health & Wellness


For your health and the health of our community, thank you for not smoking on the CU-Boulder campus. Learn more at

Sports and Recreation

The Student Recreation Center is a student-fee-funded service managed by the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG).  The Rec is open seven days a week and has an auxiliary site at Williams Village. Approximately 3,000–5,000 students use the Rec on a daily basis. Visit the website for a complete listing of the facilities and programs offered, including four premier programs: fitness and wellness, club sports, intramurals, and the outdoor program.


Student Identification

The Buff OneCard is your official CU-Boulder student ID to be used for your entire career at CU-Boulder. The card is required as official verification of eligibility for many student privileges, including access to residence hall buildings, the Student Recreation Center, all campus libraries, Wardenburg Health Center, dining halls, tickets for athletics events, free use of RTD buses, and more. If you lose your card or believe it has been stolen call 303-492-1212 immediately to have the card deactivated. This prevents others from using it.

Student Riots

Colorado law prohibits persons convicted of rioting from enrolling in state-supported universities/colleges for 12 months following the date of conviction. If a student has been suspended prior to the date of conviction by the state-supported institution of higher education for the same riot activity, the 12-month suspension shall run from the start of the suspension imposed by the institution. A state-supported college may also implement its own policies and procedures or disciplinary actions regarding students involved in riots.

Students’ Right to Know

As a student or prospective student at CU-Boulder, you have a right to certain information pertaining to financial aid programs, crime and safety, graduation rates, athletics, and other general information such as the costs associated with attending CU-Boulder. This information is available to you at

Suicide Prevention

Suicidal thoughts—your own or a friend’s—are cause for serious concern. Suicide is the second ranking cause of death for college-age students, and all warning signs must be taken seriously. A person who is suicidal often feels depressed, lonely, and isolated from friends and family. A change in sleep patterns, loss of interest in activities and friends, and changes in lifestyle are some additional indicators of suicidal tendencies. If you find yourself or a friend exhibiting these behaviors, seek help immediately!

Victim Assistance

The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) provides free confidential response services for students, faculty, staff, and their significant others who experience harmful or disruptive life events.  We assist in potentially traumatic situations involving physical assault and hazing, bias-motivated incidents, gender violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, death, discrimination and harassment, and serious accidents. 

Wardenburg Health Center

Wardenburg Health Center is a comprehensive on-campus health care facility specializing in the needs of CU students. All fee-paying students and their spouses/domestic partners may use the health center, regardless of insurance coverage. However, Wardenburg will only bill the university-sponsored health plans. Wardenburg offers medical care, psychological and psychiatric care, women’s health services, sports medicine services, diagnostic services, health education resources, and a pharmacy. Wardenburg is centrally located on campus near Imig Music.

Winter in the Mountains

Boulder’s warm and sunny winter days may tempt you to hike, ski, or snowboard in lighter clothing. Remember that Colorado’s weather is very unpredictable and you may find yourself in a blizzard at 10,000 feet. Be prepared: hypothermia can set in quickly. Always bring along a warm hat and gloves and a jacket. 


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