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What you should know about CU-Boulder's Ebola preparedness

What are the chances of an Ebola case coming to CU? Extremely low. But in the same fashion that we prepare for floods, fires and other emergencies, dozens of campus leaders are developing response plans for this unlikely event. If you have not recently traveled to West Africa or been exposed to someone with Ebola, there isn’t much to be concerned about.

Chancellor’s Corner: Engage in the civic discourse. Vote!

The University of Colorado Boulder has distinguished itself for the commitment of our campus community to civic discourse as a driver of our missions of research, teaching, and service. One of the most important ways to fulfill that commitment is by voting. I urge all CU-Boulder faculty, staff, students and alumni to exercise your right to vote and to make your voice heard in the upcoming elections. 

Faculty in Focus No. 4: The science educator

As a physics education researcher, Valerie Otero mentors university faculty and community K-12 teachers who teach in a variety of science disciplines to help them build learning environments that are empowering for students. She is driven to continue to improve the way science is taught, at all levels, and believes in progressive learning environments that enable students to use and develop the critical and creative intelligence they already have.

Learning Italian opens doors

There are multiple benefits to learning a new language such as Italian, according to senior instructor Priscilla Craven. Not only does it deepen an understanding of another culture, it also enhances employment opportunities in a global economy. Students can develop better overall communication and adaptability, which are skills that can be applied to other fields.

Fiske Planetarium sets up safe eclipse-viewing this Thursday

On Thursday, Oct. 23, a partial solar eclipse will grace Colorado skies. If you want to catch a glimpse of it, the University of Colorado Boulder’s Fiske Planetarium is selling eclipse-safe glasses for viewing and hosting a viewing event on the lawns surrounding the venue.

Alumni Association to honor nine awardees Oct. 23

Since 1930 the University of Colorado Boulder’s best have been recognized at a special awards ceremony dedicated to highlighting their outstanding accomplishments and extraordinary service.

This year the CU-Boulder Alumni Association will recognize nine of the university’s finest alumni, faculty, staff and students at the 85th Alumni Awards Ceremony during the university’s Back to Boulder Homecoming Weekend. The event, one of the longest-standing traditions at CU-Boulder, will take place at the historic Hotel Boulderado Thursday, Oct. 23.

Glenn Miller Ballroom prepares to get back into the 'Community Swing'

Closed since May for renovations, the newly remodeled and significantly upgraded Glenn Miller Ballroom in the University Memorial Center (UMC) is scheduled to reopen on Jan. 27, 2015. Carlos García, Executive Director of the UMC, discusses what’s going on behind the construction tape, and what the upgrades mean for CU-Boulder.

For Halloween: Be aware. Be thoughtful. Be considerate.

Chancellor DiStefano, in his State of the Campus address, asked each and every member of the campus community to “consider every day how we can influence the culture of this campus in a positive manner.” In keeping with this, as Halloween approaches and we think about how to celebrate the holiday, take a minute to think about the impact your costume may have.

Lt. Gov. Garcia commends programs aimed at increasing student success

Colorado Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia visited campus on Friday to learn about University of Colorado Boulder programs that focus on student success and graduation, including the CU LEAD Alliance and CU Complete.

Faculty in Focus No. 3: The Mathematician

As a senior math instructor and avid rock climber, Bernard Gillett appreciates how mathematics relates to climbing. Both disciplines involve mental concentration, problem solving and tenacity, although an erroneous math calculation is considerably less hazardous than an error in judgment made while scaling a sheer rock wall.


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