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Faculty in Focus No. 3: The Mathematician

As a senior math instructor and avid rock climber, Bernard Gillett appreciates how mathematics relates to climbing. Both disciplines involve mental concentration, problem solving and tenacity, although an erroneous math calculation is considerably less hazardous than an error in judgment made while scaling a sheer rock wall.

Ritters endow classical guitar program in College of Music

CU-Boulder alumni Michele (Mikhy) and Mike Ritter have a deep love for CU-Boulder. They've recently made a trailblazing gift to the classical guitar program in the College of Music that, combined with a commitment from the Office of the Chancellor, will endow and name the program.

University Libraries launches open access repository, CU Scholar

University of Colorado Boulder Libraries is celebrating the launch of the open access repository CU Scholar, housed online at This new institutional repository will aggregate and disseminate the wealth of scholarly knowledge created under the auspices of the University of Colorado Boulder and its research units. CU Scholar welcomes materials of scholarly focus, including published journal articles, working papers, technical reports, multimedia content and datasets.

Tap and all that jazz

It’s early morning and a quiet dance studio on the CU-Boulder campus soon bursts into percussive energy as 14 students tap, slap and paradiddle their way across the wood floor. For an hour twice a week, students and instructor engage in a rhythmic conversation of music, dance and the patterns of the steps in a tap dancing class.

New CU Recreation Center programs include wellness suite and adventure planning center

This year’s renovation of the Student Recreation Center has allowed CU-Boulder staff to transform creative ideas into new projects. The Wellness Suite and Adventure Planning Center are among those new programs at the center offering a slew of new services.

2014 State of the Campus address: A Q&A with Chancellor DiStefano

We sat down with Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano to talk about his sixth State of the Campus Address, which will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 14, in Grusin Auditorium in the Imig Music Building. Doors open at 7:30 a.m. and the speech begins at 8 a.m.

CU-Boulder launches free, online course targeting human gut microbes

CU-Boulder is launching a new Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, today about the many different microbial species that inhabit the human gut and how they may influence health and disease. The free course, titled Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome, is being offered through CU-Boulder and Coursera, and will be taught by CU-Boulder Associate Professor Rob Knight, Senior Research Associate Jessica Metcalf and Research Associate Katherine Amato, all of CU-Boulder’s BioFrontiers Institute.

Keeping history safe: visiting Kurdish delegation receives secret police documents from human rights archive

" we are here to honor the work of researchers and academics who helped keep Kurdish history safe."

An important page in history was turned yesterday on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, as Chancellor DiStefano officially handed over an electronic copy of important documents from the university’s human rights archive to a delegation of Kurdish officials.

Campus climate discussions continue Oct. 7

The Boulder Faculty Assembly, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Student Government and the Office of the Provost, is hosting the second in the series of community discussions on campus climate. The discussion will be hosted in the UMC Gallery from noon-1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 7, and focus on the issues framing the climate issues on campus.

Campus utilizes biocontrols against emerald ash borer pest

On Sept. 30, a team of forestry professionals from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, City of Boulder and CU-Boulder released parasitic wasps on East Campus. The wasps target and kill emerald ash borer, the highly destructive tree pest that poses a serious threat to urban forests and has been found on campus. The tiny, stingless wasps are not attracted to people or pets. 


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