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Fast track freshman Cooper MacNeil

To say University of Colorado Boulder freshman Cooper MacNeil lives life in the fast lane would be an understatement.

Not only does he live the hectic life of a college freshman, but also that of a professional sports car driver.

He currently races for WeatherTech, an automotive accessories company, and with the Alex Job Racing team, one of the most successful teams in sports car racing with 39 wins. Still a teenager, and with only two years of professional racing under his belt, MacNeil is making a name for himself in the motor racing world.

CU team’s efficient unmanned aircraft jetting toward commercialization

Propulsion by a novel jet engine is the crux of the innovation behind a University of Colorado Boulder-developed aircraft that’s accelerating toward commercialization.

CU undergrads design toys for children who are blind

A small smile appeared on the young girl’s face as she listened to the high-pitched sound coming from the whiffle ball. The sound helped the elementary student locate the ball after her classmate hit it from a specially designed baseball tee.

Both of the students are blind. On a recent afternoon, they were in a classroom at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Integrated Teaching and Learning Program and Laboratory testing toys designed by first-year engineering students. The students are enrolled in CU engineering instructor Seth Murray’s freshman projects class.

Homefront Heroines

When Tom Brokaw wrote his paean to the Greatest Generation, he left them out. Filmmaker Ken Burns skipped them when he documented The War.

They are the estimated 100,000 women who joined the military during World War II. The Navy Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service (WAVES), their Coast Guard counterparts, the SPARS, and the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) provided critical support to the American war effort.

Did the Little Ice Age start with a big bang?

Scientists have disagreed for many years over the precise cause for a period of cooling global temperatures that began after the Middle Ages and lasted into the late 19th century, commonly known as the Little Ice Age. 

Multi-discipline research makes a big impact

Liz Bradley is a great professor because she loved being a student. The computer science professor graduated from MIT with three degrees, a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., in electrical engineering and computer science. And, while earning these degrees would be more than enough to earn bragging rights, Bradley earned her two graduate degrees while training as an Olympic rower. She took fifth place in the 1988 Olympic Games.

CU-Boulder No. 1 for Peace Corps volunteers for second straight year

For the second straight year, CU-Boulder is ranked No. 1 in the nation for graduates serving as Peace Corps volunteers with 112 undergraduate alumni currently serving around the world.

“Our No. 1 Peace Corps ranking for volunteer service is tangible evidence of something we have always known: our students and graduates are service-oriented and down-to-earth, working tirelessly to benefit communities around the globe,” said Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano. “It emphasizes how CU-Boulder’s civically engaged students go on to become service-oriented citizens at home and abroad.”

Get involved, get connected, get inspired

First semester of freshman year, the majority of your time was probably devoted to getting lost around campus, making friends in your dorm, figuring our your major, and surviving finals. Now that you have a whole semester under your belt, it’s time to get involved and find your niche at CU. Getting involved makes the large CU student population seem much smaller as you get to know more people and take part in the network of groups and organizations on campus. With so many opportunities and different ways to contribute, there’s no excuse to not find something.

First class of CU-Boulder undergrads enrolls in new Journalism Plus program

As a new year and the spring semester begin, the University of Colorado Boulder is welcoming the first class of journalism students entering under a new undergraduate degree structure called “Journalism Plus” that CU officials say will create better journalists, better news content and, over time, a more informed society. 


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