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Continuing Education celebrates 100 years of connecting communities to the University

The University of Colorado’s Division of Continuing Education has come a long way from its humble beginnings in young Macky Auditorium where burlap bags separated staff space in 1912 and the division offered 28 correspondence courses in 11 fields. Today, Continuing Education partners with CU’s academic departments to offer flexible credit courses representing 35 departments and multiple programs granting nontraditional students and community members access to campus.

Obama campaign draws 13,000 to Norlin Quad

The Obama for America campaign event on Sunday, Sept. 2 drew an estimated 13,000 attendees to hear the President’s address. Scheduled on Norlin Quad after an invitation from Students for Obama, the rally was coordinated and hosted by the campaign and did not constitute an endorsement of the Obama campaign by the University of Colorado or the Board of Regents. The rally featured CU students Brittni Hernandez, Sarah Andrews and Ryan Case.

Student season tickets can be a transformational experience

When senior Jariya Phanpaktra first bought student tickets four years ago, she had no idea the ride it would take her on throughout her academic career at the University of Colorado.

Running with Ralphie

The first time Taylor Stratton saw CU-Boulder’s mascot Ralphie run onto the field at a home football game, she knew she wanted to join the team of Ralphie Handlers.

No-sort recycling in CU housing and dining helps make landfill diversion a no-brainer

Recycling bins located throughout Housing and Dining Services at the University of Colorado Boulder are now single-stream receptacles, helping to make landfill diversion as simple as can be.

Welcome to campus, Class of 2016


It is my pleasure today to summon you, as new CU-Boulder students, to take part in the legacy of scholarship and contribution left by the students who came before you.

Today, we are inviting you to be part of a family – a family of learning, scholarship, inquiry and investigation.

Today you begin your transformation from college freshman to college graduate!

Pro Cycling Challenge warms up the route for Buff Bicycle Classic

Two weeks after professional cyclists race through Boulder and up Boulder Canyon, some riders in the 10th Annual Buffalo Bicycle Classic will follow much of the same route, the most mountainous section of Stage 6 of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Since 2003, the Buffalo Bicycle Classic has raised more than $1.6 million for scholarships and has funded more than 730 scholarships. The event is the single largest source of scholarships for the College of Arts and Sciences.

15 questions on concealed carry for CU-Boulder students

Following the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling in March that the CU Board of Regents lacks the authority to regulate concealed weapons on campus under the Colorado Concealed Carry Act, and with added news coverage of related issues this week, we have prepared this Question & Answer page to provide further clarification on how the law works on the campus.


CU-Boulder will respect the right of concealed carry


Many of you are aware that last March the Colorado Supreme Court ruled the University of Colorado Board of Regents lacks the authority to enact any provision against the Colorado Concealed Carry law. Last week, as I’m sure you are aware, we informed the campus and the public of how the law would be implemented on campus, with provisions for concealed carry permit holders to live in graduate student apartments.

Williams Village earns local green building award

When students begin unpacking their bags in Williams Village North later this month, they’ll be settling in to what could be the “greenest” place they’ve ever called home. The residence hall recently earned the distinction of “Best Green Multi-Residential Building” at the first annual Boulder Valley Green Building Awards.


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