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You can play a vital part in helping to ensure the Boulder campus is a safe place to live and work.

Take a moment to read this section, and please help us by knowing and following the university's safety policies and procedures. This information is provided to you as part of the University of Colorado at Boulder's commitment to safety and security on campus and is in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act of 1990 as amended.

CU webapp makes meeting people easy

Developed at CU-Boulder, new mobile social network lets users view Facebook profiles on their iPhone or iPod Touch

You know how it is. You see someone interesting in class or a coffee shop or walking across campus and wonder, “Who’s that?”—but you’re reluctant to talk to someone you don’t know. It wouldn’t be so intimidating to strike up a conversation if you knew something about the person. The hoozat web application makes it easy to meet people and make friends.

Great places to study

Because that’s why we came to college, right? With midterms fully underway and finals lingering in the distance, there’s one thing we all need to be doing, and that is studying. Where we choose to study—the atmosphere, seating arrangement, noise level, location, food or drink readily available—these aspects and so many more all matter when we choose where to settle and crack open the books. After a few years of experience, here’s some upperclassmen advice about some of the best places to study.

Programs for every major

Thousands of students graduate from CU every year, with many of them carrying identical diplomas. Any degree from this school is great—but it’s the students who seek out opportunities outside of the classroom who have the upper hand in the competitive job market. Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities available to you here at CU. Taking advantage of any of these programs will not only give you an edge; it will also enhance your education and expand your knowledge and skill set.

Get ahead of the game: how to start preparing for next year


It may seem too early, but it’s not!

Tips for your off-campus housing search

If you haven’t already started looking for housing, START NOW! August may seem far away, but sub-leasing in Boulder is surprisingly competitive. Now is the time to start figuring out who you want to live with, where you want to live and what kind of budget is involved.

Making the most of your spring break

Use the week off to re-fuel, re-energize, and re-gain your life

Five tips for surviving finals


There’s a certain feeling on campus this time of the year—a distinct combination of stress, exhaustion, hunger, and a dismal hope it will all be over soon. Many students are inclined to put their lives on hold to prepare for finals and during finals week, but the thing is, continuing normal habits (while studying like crazy) is the best way to get through the rest of the semester. Here are five steps to help you get through the hardest week of your college career.


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