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Bad knees drive CU student to pursue both MD and PhD

Balaji Sridhar has always liked science, but it was his father’s bad knees that were the impetus for him to study both chemical engineering and medicine.

His father once was a good squash player, but had to give up playing when the cartilage in his knees wore out. With the dual graduate degrees, Sridhar hopes to someday be able to help people like his father who struggle with debilitating joint pain and reduced mobility due to damaged cartilage.

Keep the lights on

By Chris Schaefbauer, CUSG Director of Health and Safety

As we move further into fall and approach the end of daylight saving time (Nov. 4), it will be getting darker earlier. The lighting in Boulder helps keep us safe, however only when it is working. Streetlights can go out at anytime and it's important to report any malfunctioning lights. This includes lights that are either completely out or flickering on and off.

CU-Boulder to host President Barack Obama on Thursday, Nov. 1.

The University of Colorado Boulder will host President Barack Obama on our campus on Thursday, Nov. 1. The Obama for America campaign has reserved the Coors Events Center for a campaign event. The event on University property does not constitute an endorsement of the Obama campaign by the University or the Board of Regents.

History of Halloween? Professor Scott Bruce explains

Contrary to contemporary beliefs that the spooky holiday originated with vampires and werewolves -- or even more sinister, candy and costume companies -- CU associate professor of history Scott Bruce notes that Halloween's origins lie in ancient Pagan harvest festivals practiced by the Celts, and Christian traditions.

Make your voice heard, remember to vote

Students can vote in the University Club, on the campus-side of Broadway and across Euclid from the UMC, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. all week.

Buffoons celebrate 50 years of singing

Current and former members of CU-Boulder’s oldest collegiate a cappella singing group reunited during Homecoming weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Buffoons.

Inspired by the prestigious Yale Whiffenpoofs, the Buffoons was launched in 1962. In the years since, 12-16 CU male undergraduates in the Buffoons have performed a varied repertoire, including many genres from R&B to soul and from rock to pop with instances of vocal percussion or “beatboxing.”

CU-Boulder Environment and Sustainability Visioning Committee named

Provost Russell Moore today announced the charge and membership of a visioning committee to consider future opportunities for synergies and collaboration between University of Colorado Boulder environment and sustainability research and academic programs. Sharon Collinge, director of environmental studies and a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, will chair the Environment and Sustainability Visioning Committee, or ESVC.

CU invites alumni ‘Back to Boulder,’ announces new parade day, time

Have you been “Back to Boulder?” It’s a question being posed by the University of Colorado Boulder Alumni Association to its family of more than 250,000 students and alumni. Alumni, current students, faculty, staff and community members will find a broad slate of activities for the 2012 Homecoming weekend starting Thursday, Nov. 1. A full description of activities and events as well as event registration can be found on the Back to Boulder website at

Pink Life Saver participates in free Boulder campus health screenings

The Be Colorado free and confidential health screenings return to the Boulder campus on Oct. 31 and Nov. 2, and this time they are bringing a special guest… a 38-foot-long “life saver” on wheels. Newly launched, the Pink Life Saver is a mobile mammography coach designed to travel throughout the metro Denver area.

Halloween weekend

By Christina Gonzales, Dean of Students
Christopher Schaefbauer, CUSG Director of Health and Safety

As Halloween weekend approaches, we’d like to encourage everyone to celebrate responsibly and have some fun. But as you do so, please take steps to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others.


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