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Architecture student turns scholarships into community impact

Shane Baldauf, an architecture and environmental design major at CU-Boulder who is dedicated to “green” and affordable housing, has been awarded a prestigious Udall Scholarship.

“Not only is ‘green’ construction good for the environment, but homes that perform more efficiently benefit the occupants too,” said Baldauf. “If you think about it, the people who most need affordable housing are also the ones who need the lowest utility bills, and we’re working to provide that situation through Habitat for Humanity houses.”

Snake oil to treat heart disease? Idea may not be so far-fetched

Doctors prescribing snake oil for their patients?  The scenario may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

A University of Colorado Boulder study has shown that huge amounts of fatty acids circulating in the bloodstreams of feeding pythons promote healthy heart growth. The team found the amount of triglycerides -- the main constituent of natural fats and oils -- in the blood of Burmese pythons one day after eating increased by more than fifty-fold, said CU-Boulder Professor Leslie Leinwand, who led the study.

Bullying prevention through Shakespeare

Colorado Shakespeare Festival actors performed a 17th century play in more than 25 schools from Fort Collins to Trinidad last fall to set the stage for modern-day discussions about school bullying. 

This is how Buffs get in the mix


There’s so many different kinds of people at CU. It’s really cool to be a campus with a merging of a whole bunch of different people.

What kind of Buff are you?

At CU-Boulder, we take great pride in being the Buffs—but there’s more to it than you might realize. The following pages will help you get involved on campus, learn how to handle yourself as a college student, represent your peers and your university well, and make the most of your Buff experience. CU-Boulder Buffaloes . . .

Getting started at CU-Boulder

Don’t be shy. I think a lot of new students are afraid to ask questions. They really don’t want to look unknowledgeable about campus, but it’s really okay to ask.

If you’re a new member of our campus community (or you just haven’t been paying enough attention), here’s a checklist that will help you get started on a great semester.

Questions? Resolving Door has answers

Ever wonder where the least expensive place is to study abroad?  Or what the CU student government really does? Or where the quiet study spots are on campus? If you find yourself asking questions like these, the Resolving Door website holds the answers.

Housing & Dining Services

As part of the Division of Student Affairs, Housing & Dining Services is committed to providing an engaging and inclusive on-campus living and learning environment for undergraduate (first year and beyond) and graduate students.

Make it a break: tips to get your break on!

The promise of spring break is what gets us college students through the mountain of assignments, meetings, projects and exams. Now is the time to start thinking about ways to make your spring break a genuine break. Whether you’re working, traveling, volunteering, catching up on school assignments, or relaxing here in Boulder, now is a great opportunity to plan what you’ll do to make sure this break is just that, a break.

Surviving finals

It’s that time of year again: Norlin Library is getting more visitors than usual, and Laughing Goat baristas are filling the bean hoppers twice as fast; finals season is in full effect. Spring semester is wrapping up, and CU-Boulder students are starting to feel anxious as they prepare for a week of stress and exams. To help ease into finals week, fellow Buffs have offered the following tips.


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