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Cosmopolitan magazine internship opens career door

In a scene from the 2006 movie, The Devil Wears Prada, the powerful and demanding editor of a New York fashion magazine orders her assistant to obtain a hard-to-get advance copy of one of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. The almost insurmountable feat took all the employee’s resources to accomplish.

C-Unit: The story of a student section

On a typical Thursday night during the 2012-13 Colorado basketball season, the energy at the Coors Events Center was electric. The student section was a sea of black and gold, and a loud one at that. Music from the band was interspersed with a constant stream of cheers, ranging from the traditional fight song to a rendition of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” during an opponent’s free throw shot: “You’re not gonna make it, anymoooore...”

Next step toward Gmail migration is coming March 13

The next step toward migration of student, alumni and retiree accounts from CULink to Gmail is coming on Thursday, March 13 when Gmail mailboxes will be created for all CU-Boulder affiliates. The creation of Gmail mailboxes will not impact campus e-mail systems or e-mail delivery and the mailboxes will not initially be enabled for receiving e-mail messages; however, Gmail will show up in the Google toolbars of all CU-Boulder affiliates.

Skiing for science: Undergraduates take critical snowpack measurements in the high mountains

In the predawn darkness in the heart of winter, as most of their classmates are still in bed, four University of Colorado Boulder undergraduates ready themselves for an often brutal and bone-chilling ski uphill to research sites in the snow-encrusted Indian Peaks high above Boulder.

Chancellor's Corner: An update on concealed carry and CU-Boulder

As I know many of you are interested in the status of permitted concealed weapons on campus, I want to update you on recent actions in the state legislature. This past Friday, the Senate ended further consideration of a bill to ban concealed weapons on college campuses across Colorado. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Rollie Heath, pulled the bill because the votes to support it were not there. As a result, both the law and the campus policy on concealed carry remain in effect. Any changes to the law would have to come through a future state legislative process.

CUSG advocates for sustainable solution to 4/20 gathering

By Brittini Hernandez, Student Body President

Over the past few months, CU Student Government (CUSG) has been working with administrators to plan for the upcoming 4/20.

To best represent students, CUSG convened a task force of student leaders from areas across campus to work to develop ideas for short-term and long-term plans for 4/20. The conversations we had with administrators and students have been productive and have established long-term working relationships that will serve students in future years.

Chancellor's Corner: Continuing our efforts to end the 4/20 gathering

I want to take this opportunity to inform you that the CU-Boulder campus will once again be closed to non-affiliates on April 20. We are continuing this approach, begun last year, to ensure that the business of the campus continues without being materially disrupted, and that our teaching, research and academic work and other university operations can proceed.

CDC internship ignites student’s passion for health policy

Ligia Duarte Botelho says her recently-completed internship with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gave her a rewarding opportunity to explore her interest in different cultures, government, and global health policy.

A junior majoring in international affairs, Botelho, who is originally from Brazil, wants to pursue a career as a diplomat in India or Thailand. She was drawn to the CDC internship because it involved the topics she wants to study in the region of the world she wants to focus on.

Student life: One Little Change

By Sarah Tamura, Community Health student coordinator

As a student coordinator at Community Health, I’m really excited for our “One Little Change” campaign this semester.

Learning the business of music

Sophomore Daniel Mullan is preparing for a career in music by learning business and entrepreneurial skills from the Entrepreneurship Center for Music (ECM) at the College of Music.

Mullan is majoring in classical saxophone performance with a minor in business, and will be one of the first students enrolled in the  new certificate in music and entrepreneurship debuting in the fall. He realizes that to be successful, musicians need to be adaptable to a rapidly changing marketplace.


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