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Commencement address asks, 'How will you respond when your moment comes?'

The University of Colorado Boulder today honored candidates for 1,899 degrees, including 1,399 bachelor’s degrees, 310 master’s degrees, nine law degrees and 181 doctoral degrees. Kristi Anseth, distinguished professor of chemical and biological engineering, challenged herself to provide some simple advice that today's graduates might remember.

Student documentary captures ivory crush for OnEarth

There’s something very powerful about seeing six of tons of elephant ivory ground to rubble in a rock crusher, says Gloria Dickie. She and fellow journalism student Caitlin Rockett covered such an event last month. It was part of an effort by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to draw attention to the $10 billion illegal wildlife trade industry and send a message of intolerance to poachers and traffickers. 

CU-Boulder: Highlights of 2013

In 2013, members of the CU-Boulder community stood out in a wide range of areas, from publishing cutting-edge research to volunteering in compassionate service to performing at the top of their game in sports.

CU-Boulder announces key hires in the Division of Administration

University of Colorado Boulder Vice Chancellor for Administration Louise Vale today announced the appointment of Carla Ho-a as assistant vice chancellor for administration auxiliaries and Melissa Zak as police chief for the University of Colorado Police Department.

NASHI: learning that fills a need

CU-Boulder environmental design students are helping an Indian reservation build energy-efficient housing. They're part of the Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative -- an academic and outreach program that is going strong and rececently was featured by South Dakota public television. 

Student life: CU freshman engineering projects on display at Expo

From compostable heat to a custom-built, sensory playhouse, CU freshmen at this year’s Engineering Projects Expo on Saturday, Dec. 7, had a lot to show off.

Severe 2012 solar storm narrowly missed Earth

A massive ejection of material from the sun initially traveling at over 7 million miles per hour that narrowly missed Earth last year is an event solar scientists hope will open the eyes of policymakers regarding the impacts and mitigation of severe space weather, says a University of Colorado Boulder professor.

CU-Boulder researchers use video games to spark kids' interest in coding

In grade school classrooms across the country, students have been hard at work this semester trying to figure out how to smash a virtual frog with a virtual truck. They’re building their own video games—inspired by the 1980s classic Frogger—and there are a thousand details to work out. 

In the end, the students will have built a video game. But more important, the students will have learned how to code—whether they knew it at the time or not.

2013 CCORE Diversity Service Recognition Awards recognize SORCE, SASC

The Diversity Service Recognition annual award, sponsored by the Chancellor's Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CCORE), formerly Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Minority Affairs (CACMA), is given to campus units to recognize their continuing efforts to create a diverse and supportive, learning, working, and living environment, as well as their commitment to promoting an understanding of multicultural issues. 

This award was presented by CCORE members on Nov. 13, 2013 during the Diversity Summit. There were six departments nominated this year. CCORE is honored to present the award recipients for the 2013 CCORE Diversity Service Recognition Award to two units this year; the Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) and to the Student Academic Success Center (SASC)

Cold and snowy weather expected in Boulder

Boulder County, including the city of Boulder, is under a Winter Storm Warning from 6 p.m. on Tuesday to 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Snow and below-freezing conditions are in the forecast.

Be prepared: Members of the campus community are advised to dress appropriately for below-freezing temperatures and wind chill conditions. This includes headwear, and other clothing intended to minimize skin exposure to the cold, as well as layered clothing for warmth.


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