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CU-Boulder scholarships attract top Colorado students

When she was in high school, Emily Schaldach diligently studied and earned high grades with the goal of attending CU-Boulder. As a freshman at CU-Boulder, her outstanding academic achievements are recognized by being named to the Esteemed Scholars Program, a merit-based scholarship program for top Colorado freshmen.

Meet Valerie Simons, Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance, Title IX coordinator

Valerie Simons, Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance and Title IX coordinator at CU-Boulder, discusses how she is helping CU-Boulder expand its efforts to reduce sexual discrimination and harassment and more effectively respond to it when it occurs.

Student life: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program allows students to gain research experience

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, or UROP, is one unique program that offers CU-Boulder students an opportunity to follow academic curiosities in every field. Designed to provide grant-writing experience, connect students to faculty and explore interests beyond the classroom, the program is open to all CU-Boulder undergraduates.

Academic freedom in the classroom: A conversation between students and faculty

Hosted and chaired by Provost Russ Moore, the goal of this forum is to open a conversation on how academic freedom operates in the classroom. This is a complex issue that cannot be covered or resolved in a single event, but it is important the campus begin a dialogue on this issue of great concern to the faculty and to the students. Visit the CU-Boulder Events Calendar listing to register for the Wednesday, Sept. 17 event, as space is limited. 

CU Board of Regents approves new degrees for CU-Boulder College of Media, Communication and Information

Today, the University of Colorado Board of Regents approved 12 new degrees, in addition to a name change for one other degree. The college is now accepting applications and will offer classes for new degrees starting in fall semester 2015.

Join LASP for a MAVEN orbit insertion watch party

Everyone is invited to attend a watch party at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) on Sunday, Sept. 21, when NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft, designed to understand past climate change on Mars, inserts itself into orbit after a 10-month journey to the planet. The event is free and open to the public, although seating will be limited. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. The orbit insertion, expected to last 34 minutes, will begin at 7:50 p.m. and end at 8:24 p.m.

Faculty in Focus No. 1: The dancer

When Associate Professor Erika Randall—teacher, dancer, writer, choreographer—strides in ready to teach, the quiet, empty dance studio is immediately filled with the energy, passion and artistic expression that she brings to her work.

Staff Council Spotlight: Vince Aquino, Lead Arborist

“Staff Council Spotlight” is an initiative of the BCSC Awards & Staff Recognition Committee. Today we're chatting with CU-Boulder's Lead Arborist for Facilities Operations, Vince Aquino. He started at CU in 1997, and is responsible for all of the trees in the General Fund areas on campus. Over the years, Aquino has found the key to his work is flexibility, and the ability to juggle the demands of safety, appearance and the emotional connection people have to the trees in his care.

From the Provost and SVC: Making better use of space on campus

Throughout the month of September, several university faculty and staff will be contacted by representatives from Huron Consulting Group to participate in an on-campus interview as part of the university’s Space Utilization Optimization Initiative.

The university has contracted Huron to analyze CU-Boulder’s use of all campus space and to offer recommendations for optimizing its use. The goals of this initiative are to enhance the teaching and learning experience for all students, and to discover ways to achieve greater efficiencies and more creative uses with the space and resources we have.

Student life: CU-Boulder students research peace-making methods on journey to South Africa

When there are African solutions to African problems, two things become possible: local leaders may cultivate new ideas, and native heroes may become more recognized.

This summer, three CU-Boulder students embarked on the unique opportunity to travel to the cities of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, on a three-week sojourn to research the methods of peace-making and leadership in a post-Apartheid South Africa.


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