Campus Communications

Boulder TodayWatch this space! As part of our campus communications upgrades, we’re breathing new life into internal communications tools like the Buff Bulletin and Administrative E-memos. Look for new stories, new tools and new connections later this month.

After years of collecting feedback and learning about the best practices for internal communications, we think you’ll like where we’re going. We’ll be launching the Buff Bulletin Board - an easy-to-use and feature-rich posting tool – in a few short weeks. The Buff Bulletin Board will give our entire campus community the ability to schedule announcements that will appear throughout the new website. These announcements will also be featured in the new campus news digest, CU-Boulder Today. This dynamic daily newsletter will capture campus news, important announcements, campus events and the stories that inform our campus conversation.

We look forward to sharing these new tools with you, and helping our campus community more effectively tell the story of the University of Colorado Boulder.
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