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Presidents Leadership Class (PLC)

Campus Box: 363 UCB, LIBR M400E
Fax: 303-492-1620
Information: 303-492-8342
  • PLC Faculty & Staff

    Julia Kasid, Adm Asst: 303-492-8342
    Lopresti, Jim, Sr Instr: 303-492-2340
    Riggle, Gordon, Lect: 303-530-7181
    Thieman-Dino, Angela, Lect: 303-492-8342
    Volpe, Barbara, Exec Dir: 303-492-3155
    Wiley, Tiffany, Pgm Dir: 303-492-3004
  • PLC Student Administrative Staff

    Armstrong, Ashley, Alumni: 303-735-2577
    Brauchler, Ryan, Research: 303-735-2456
    Forrest, Brett, Recruit and Select: 303-492-4752
    King, Emily, Exper Pgms: 303-492-8294
    Linfield, Lorilee, Acad Affairs: 303-492-8342
    Masock, Kerry, Spec. Proj.: 303-492-2456
    Mirabal, Kimiko, Comm Rel: 303-735-2456
    Omega, Cynthia, Recruit and Select: 303-492-4752
    Planchard, Sean, Alumni: 303-735-2577
    Ratcliff, Julia, Speaker Coord: 303-492-8294
    Schoonmaker, Maggie, Publications: 303-492-2456
    West, Colin, Acad. Affairs: 303-492-8342
    • Class Advisors

      Campus Box: 303-492-8342
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