Teaching with Technology Faculty Seminar

Presentation while one person points at the projector screen, two other look interested, and the rest don't.Do you experiment or innovate with new technology in your courses? Do you explore new technologies in your scholarship, and then integrate them into the classroom? Are you interested in meeting others who do the same, sharing your experiences, and learning more?

ASSETT’s Michele Jackson and OIT’s Associate Director for Academic Technology Research, Mark Werner, founded the Teaching With Technology Seminars in 2010. Each semester, a small group of CU professors gather to build a community around teaching and learning with technology. These seminars provide a place, a space, and a time for faculty to be able to talk to each other and be inspired by new ideas.

A call for applications is put out twice a year.

The Teaching with Technology Faculty Seminar is one of ASSETT’s Digital Learning Communities aimed at leveraging digital technologies to improve teaching and learning. This seminar provides faculty the opportunity to work with others across campus to develop a common experience around exploring new teaching methods and integrating new technologies. We will investigate instructional design processes, learning theories, and new technologies as a group. Participants design, implement, assess and reflect upon a new learning experiences within one course. The seminar series is held each semester and meets 7 – 8 times per semester. All faculty and instructors are eligible to apply.

Fall 2015

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Celeste Montoya Associate Professor Women’s Studies  
Vilja Hulden Instructor History Vilja Hulden Integrates Team-Based Learning
Pamela Harvey Instructor MCDB  
Peter Knapczyk Visiting Assistant Professor Asian Languages and Civilizations Knapczyk Implements Flipped Classroom in Hindi Course
Lisa Dilling Associate Professor Environmental Studies Dilling’s Use of NB and Padlet to Increase Engagement in Environmental Studies Class
Sabahat Adil Assistant Professor Asian Languages and Civilizations Using Timeline JS for Self-Directed Learning in Adil’s Course
David Brown Department Chair Political Science Sparking Conversation with Padlet in Brown’s Political Science Class

Spring 2015

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Michelle Albert Senior Instructor Program for Writing and Rhetoric Albert’s Students Visualize their Research Ideas Through Storify
Lonnie Pearce Associate Director for First Year Writing Program for Writing and Rhetoric Pearce’s Students Map their Thinking with Prezi
Chip Persons Associate Professor Theatre and Dance DocuSign Streamlines BFA Application Process
Scott Spanbauer   Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences GroupBoard Connects Spanbauer’s Students
Berit Jany Instructor German Language Berit Jany’s Students State Objectives through VoiceThread
Peter Simonson Associate Professor Communication and Media Simonson’s Students Converse Through WordPress
Jason Gladstone Instructor English Gladstone’s Students Interact with Texts in Digital Commons
Ruth Heisler Senior Instructor Integrated Physiology Ruth Heisler Implements Low Stakes Assessments

Fall 2014

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Kendra Gale Instructor Communication and Society RAP Gale’s Students Share and Discuss Features of Images Via Social Media
Giorgio Corda Instructor French and Italian Giorgio Corda’s Talk Online Via GoAnimate
Laura Osterman Associate Professor German and Slavic Languages Laura Osterman Implements Just In Time Teaching
Catherine Kunce Senior Instructor Program for Writing and Rhetoric Catherine Kunce’s Students Create Public Service Announcments
Alina Van Nelson Instructor French and Italian Van Nelson’s Students Upload Presentations to Voicethread
Stephanie Mollborn Associate Professor Sociology Mollborn Teaches Sociology Students General Research Methods

Spring 2014

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Inga Calvin Instructor Anthropology Zotero Helps Calvin’s Students Keep Track of Citations While Researching
Bianca Williams Assistant Professor Ethnic Studies Department Williams’s Students Use Tumblr as a Digital Archive
Miriam Kingsberg Assistant Professor Center for Asian Studies Students Take Shared Electronic Notes
Michela Ardizzoni Assistant Professor French and Italian Websites Instead of Research Papers
Deserai Crow Assistant Professor Center for Science and Technology Policy Google Drive Improves Group Work
Beth Osnes Assistant Professor of Theatre Theatre and Dance Beth Osnes’s Students Use Solar Energy to Power Shadow Puppet Theatre

Fall 2013

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Bret Fund Assistant Professor of Management LEEDS School of Business Bret Fund Uses Gogy to Spark Interactive Discussion in Entrepreneurial Course
Dan Zhang Assistant Professor Management and Entrepreneurship Google Drive Improves Feedback Communication Stream
Jen Lewon Clinical Assistant Professor Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Building Student Community in Distance Learning Course
Janet Casagrand Instuctor Integrative Physiology Assigning Screencasts for Homework

Spring 2013

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Elspeth Dusinberre Associate Chair Classics Collaborative Technologies in Creating Narrative of Self
Michelle Ellsworth Associate Chair Theatre & Dance Investigating Collaborative Tools in Senior Seminar
Susan K Kent Chair History Creating Screencasts for Flipped and Hybrid Course Delivery
Antonio Papuzza Instructor Business Student Visual Presentations with Infogr.am
Leah Sprain Assistant Professor Communication Technologies for Student Presentations of Communication Delimmas
Michael Theodore Associate Professor Music Technologies for Managing Student Performance Projects
Ingrid Ulbrich Lecturer Chemistry & Biochemistry PHeT Simulations on Student Computers During Class

Fall 2012

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Douglas Duncan Senior Instructor APS Video Assignments in Astronomy
Holly Gayley Instructor Religious Studies Teaching Religion through Digital Storytelling
Nancy Hightower Instructor PWR Using Narrative in Digital Storytelling
John Hoover Associate Professor Education Video Coaching in Teacher Preparation
Moonhawk Kim Assistant Professor Political Science Collaborative Reading of Academic Articles
Jeffrey Knutsen Faculty Mechanical Engineering Screencasts for a Flipped Classroom
Cecilia Pang Associate Professor Theatre & Dance Teaching with Technology to Foster Creativity in Performing and Directing
David Rickels Assistant Professor Music/Music Education Using Synchronized Video Feedback
Kathleen Ryan Associate Professor Journalism Preparations for Teaching Online
Petger Schaberg Senior Instructor PWR Using Technology to Teach Multimodal Persuasive Writing

Spring 2012

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Ed Rivers Professor English Creating a Podcast to Introduce Students to Podcasting
Céline Dauverd Professor History Animations in History Courses
Valerio Ferme Associate Professor French & Italian  
Zygmunt Frajzingier Professor Linguistics  
Kira Hall Associate Professor Linguistics Voice Threads,Language and Society
Hillary Potter Associate Professor Sociology  
Elena Kostoglodova Senior Instructor Germanic & Slavic Lang/Lit Voice Threads
Phoebe S.K. Young Associate Professor History The Half-Flip

Fall 2011

Presenter Presenter Title Presenter Department Seminar Title
Eliana Colunga Associate Professor Psychology Building Digital Communities
Lori Emerson Assistant Professor English Digital Poetry
Terry Kleeman Associate Professor Asian Languages and Civilizations Giving Daoism a Digital Space
Michael Klymkowsky Professor MCDB Fixing Flaws in Education
Matt Koschmann Assistant Professor Communication Using the Right Tools
Carole McGranahan Associate Professor Anthropology Social Media and Student Learning
Benjamin Robertson Instructor English Using Technology in Close Reading
Tim Wadsworth Assistant Professor Sociology Effectiveness of Online Courses
John Crimaldi Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Online Learning Environments
Alison Hicks Assistant Professor Libraries Personal Learning Environments
David Schaal Instructor ATLAS Using Technology to Increase Participation