Dan Sawyer

Local entrepreneur tackles athletic turf field safety, proving there’s more beneath the surface

July 14, 2017

Dan Sawyer (history '88) is taking an ecological and humanities-minded approach to guarding the well-being of professional, student and recreational athletes, alike.Read more »
Portrait of Jesse Kramer

Have endowment, will travel

July 11, 2017

Jesse Kramer (Physics '78) is combatting sparse resources by creating the Jesse Kramer Endowed Undergraduate Travel Award in the Physics Department.Read more »
Carrie Vaughn Photograph

Author imagines a dire future to prevent it

July 6, 2017

Bannerless, due from Mariner Books on July 11, is a mélange of murder mystery, post-apocalyptic world-building and a serious argument in favor of sustainability and responsible social policy.Read more »

A diet strategy that focuses on the brain

May 17, 2017

Achieving a healthy weight may be more about what’s going on between your ears than between your lips. That’s according to Eliza Kingsford (Psych’03) in her new book, Brain-Powered Weight Loss. It’s getting rave reviews.Read more »

Beltway veteran is an éminence grise … at 26

April 21, 2017

Anyone who has watched the progression in hair color among U.S. presidents—George W. Bush and Barack Obama are two recent, vivid examples—doesn’t doubt the connection between stress and graying. Talk to 26-year-old Derek Dash and he’ll tell you that just working for a presidential administration is enough to do the trick.Read more »

In Buff-friendly family, it’s all in the family code

April 21, 2017

Patrick Mulligan’s father may have transferred from University of Colorado Boulder to graduate from the University of Denver, but his continuing love for Buffs football paved the way for two generations of CU students.Read more »

CU Boulder family’s living history dates to 19th century

Feb. 27, 2017

Timothy William Stanton matriculated at the University of Colorado Boulder on Sept. 5, 1877, the school’s first day of classes — ever. Stanton was a senior in high school, attending a college-prep school located in Old Main, the only building on campus.Read more »

Physics sheds new light on cellular biology

Feb. 24, 2017

Turns out, it took a physicist to unlock some key findings about how cells actually divide, and Robert Blackwell, who recently received his PhD in biological physics from the University of Colorado Boulder, apparently stepped up to the plate in a big way.Read more »
‘Teddy’ Hamstra, humanities scholar, just getting started

‘Teddy’ Hamstra, humanities scholar, just getting started

Dec. 22, 2016

Hamstra will one day be an ecocriticism scholar for an English department not unlike the one here at CU Boulder, “or maybe this exact one,” said Hamstra.Read more »
Italian alumna, lifelong learner experiences la dolce vita

Italian alumna, lifelong learner experiences la dolce vita

Dec. 5, 2016

Simple twists of fate propelled Joyce Earickson toward the study of Italian, then English, divinity and psychology. She has taught Italian, French, English, and world religions; comforted families of those who were critically injured and gravely ill; and worked with autistic and disabled children.Read more »