British Studies Room

Located on the 5th floor of Norlin Library, room M549, the Center for British Studies promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British life, culture, and history. All events/graduate seminars scheduled at the Center should be appropriate to British studies.

Services and Facilities

The Center for British Studies is wheelchair-accessible from the west entrance of Norlin library via elevator to the 5th floor; however, special arrangements with Library security staff must be made in order to obtain elevator access to this floor.

Limited parking spaces are available on Pleasant St. north of Norlin Library and in lot 380. After 5:00pm, the entrance gate east of Macky Auditorium and west of Sewall Hall provides access for $3.00. (Turn left onto Pleasant St. at the top of the hill.) There is also city-metered parking along University Avenue, to the north of Macky Auditorium. City meters are free on Sundays and after 6:00pm; University meters are free from 5:00pm to 7:30am daily. In addition, a parking garage is located next to the University Memorial Center on Euclid Avenue. Parking is prohibited in the loading dock area on the north side of the library.

The Center does not supply flip charts or other meeting material or copying services. For copying needs, a copy center is located in the UMC.

There is no phone in the Center for British Studies. If phone calls need to be made, please notify guests that they may use the public telephones located in the east lobby of the first floor of Norlin Library.

General Rules and Information

For British studies-related use, the Center for British Studies may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting Lucile Zellar (Library Administration) at Appropriate British studies-related uses include the following: graduate seminars involving the study of Britain; research in British studies by University of Colorado graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars; and lectures, seminars, and workshops with a focus on British Studies.

In addition to the above uses, the Center may at times be used by high-level campus administrators, the Dean of Arts & Sciences, and the Dean of the University Libraries and other Libraries personnel for special functions.

For after-hours use (after 5:00pm Monday-Friday), special arrangements must be made for access to the Center. Access is ONLY through the west or east doors, never through the north loading dock area.

For protection of the materials and collections housed in the Center for British Studies, an event manager or responsible contact person should be present for the entire event and should identify himself/herself to the Center for British Studies representative when making the reservation for the room.

Each group is responsible for clean-up after its event and for any damage to the Center for British Studies or its collection. All food items and trash must be removed and doors locked prior to leaving the Center.

Smoking is prohibited in the Center for British Studies and throughout Norlin Library.

Permission to move furniture and for special room set-ups must be obtained prior to the event; furniture must be returned to its original position after the event. No materials may be removed from the room.

Windows may not be opened without the approval of the Center's staff. If windows are opened, they MUST be closed and locked prior to leaving the Center.

No decorations or signage may be affixed to the walls, stairways, or ceilings.

Users must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the use of scheduled facilities complies with local, state, and national laws, and University policies and regulations.

Food Service

It is the responsibility of the user group to give its caterer all information in this user policy.

Rental Fees

The fee for holding a function in the Center is $200.00. An open "IN" stating the date, time, purpose, etc., of the function must be submitted one week before the event to Lucile Zellar, University Libraries, 184 UCB, The rental fee and any clean-up or damage costs will be charged by the director on the "IN" following the event.

The room is not available without a University sponsor.

If the function is held when the west door of Norlin Library is normally closed, a $24.00/hour fee for providing security must be paid to the Center for British Studies to keep that entrance open.

Events cannot be held in the room when the Library is closed.