United States Context

(Updated - 03/2017)

3 semester hours. Courses fulfilling the United States Context requirement explore important aspects of culture and society in the United States. They stimulate critical thinking and an awareness of the place of the United States in the world by promoting an understanding of the world views that the environment, culture, history and values of the United States have fostered. They are required to include some discussion of the realities and issues related to matters of ethnic and racial diversity that characterize the nation’s ongoing experience. These courses familiarize students with the United States and enable them to evaluate it critically.

These courses teach an appreciation of United States culture while inviting students to ask probing questions about values and ideals that are understood to be an integral part of the United States. Some of the questions that might be addressed in these courses are: How have citizens and other residents of the United States derived a sense of identity from geography, language, politics, and the arts? How do people in the United States view and influence the world beyond the nation’s borders? How have the rights and responsibilities of citizenship changed over time? How have U.S. citizens and residents in the United States dealt with opposing values? Completing this requirement, students will develop both a better understanding of the United States, present and past, and a considerable interest in the nation’s future.

This 3-hour requirement may be fulfilled by passing any course listed below. Students who take approved CU-Boulder course work to fulfill this requirement must take the course for a letter grade and receive a passing grade of D- or higher.

  • ANTH 3170-3 America: An Anthropological Perspective
  • ARTH 3509-3 American Art
  • BAKR 1500-3 Colorado: History, Ecology and Environment
  • CAMW 2001-3 The American West
  • ECON 4524-3 Economic History of the U.S.
  • EDUC 2125-3 History of American Public Education
  • ENGL 2115-3 American Frontiers
  • ETHN 2004-3 Themes in American Culture 1
  • ETHN 2013-3 Critical Issues in Native North America
  • ETHN 2014-3 Themes in American Culture 2
  • ETHN 2432/HIST 2437-3 African American History
  • ETHN 2536 Survey of Chicana and Chicano History and Culture
  • ETHN 3015-3 Asian Pacific American Communities
  • ETHN 4504-3 Ethnic-American Autobiography
  • HIST 1015-3 American History to 1865 (12/2015: Formerly History of the United States to 1865)
  • HIST 1025-3 American History since 1865 (12/2015: Formerly History of the United States since 1865)
  • HIST 2015-3 Themes in Early American History (12/2015: Formerly The History of Early America)
  • HIST 2126-3 Issues in Modern U.S. Politics and Foreign Relations (12/2015: Formerly Modern U.S. Politics and Diplomacy)
  • HIST 2166-3 The Vietnam Wars
  • HIST 2326-3 Issues in the History of U.S. Society and Culture
  • HIST 2516-3 America Through Baseball
  • HUMN 2145-3 African America in the Arts
  • INVS 1523-3 Civic Engagement: Democracy as a Tool for Social Change
  • ITAL 4350-3 Wops and Dons to Movers and Shakers: The Italian-American Experience
  • LIBB 2800-3 Horror Films and American Culture
  • LING 1000-3 Language in U.S. Society
  • MUEL 2752-3 Music in American Culture
  • PHIL 1200-3 Philosophy and Society
  • PHIL 2220-3 Philosophy and Law
  • PSCI 1101-3 Introduction to American Politics (formerly American Political System)
  • PSCI 3011-3 The American Presidency and the Executive Branch (formerly The American Presidency)
  • PSCI 3021-3 U.S. Campaigns and Elections
  • PSCI 3054-3 American Political Thought
  • PSCI 3061-3 State Government and Politics
  • PSCI 3071-3 Urban Politics
  • PSCI 3163-3 American Foreign Policy
  • PSCI 3274-3 Capitalism and its Critics (formerly PSCI 3171)
  • RLST 2500-3 Religion in the United States
  • RLST 3050-3 Religion and Literature in America
  • RUSS 4301-3 American-Russian Cultural Relations
  • SOCY 1021-3 U.S. Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCY/WGST 3016-3 Marriage and the Family in U.S. Society
  • SOCY 3151-3 Self in Modern Society
  • WGST 2400-3 Women of Color and Activism