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Events and Activities

"Through ROTC I have gained life long friends and connections that I can fall back on for help for the rest of my life." -Cadet Andrew Maurer, Colorado

What do we do?

The stated purpose of ROTC is to prepare the future leaders of America to receive a commission as a United States Army Officer. To do this, the Golden Buffalo Battalion Cadre use several methods and tools:

Classroom Teaching

ROTC students are of course attending college, and some aspects of military knowledge can be taught best in the classroom. These include management skills, troop leading procedures, map reading, and other leadership basics.

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Leadership Laboratories

Each week cadets participate in outdoor training activities and involve skills that are best taught outside a classroom environment, such as terrain walks to improve land navigation, squad tactics, and survival training.

Leadership Training Exercises (LTX)

The LTX (previously FTX) is ROTC's most demanding training tool. One weekend a semester is reserved for the Battalion to train at the United States Air Force Academy or Ft. Carson, CO where the student is completely immersed in an Army-style training environment. LTX's are meant to simulate the conditions that MS III's will face in CLC at Ft. Knox, KY.


Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

CLC (previously LDAC) is the culminating training event for an Army ROTC Cadet. All Cadets go to CLC in the summer between their MS III (Freshman) and MS IV (Sophmore) years. The 32-day camp incorporates a wide range of subjects designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability. The challenges are rigorous and demanding, both mentally and physically. They test intelligence, common sense, ingenuity, and stamina. These challenges provide a new perspective on a cadet's ability to perform exacting tasks and to make difficult decisions under demanding conditions.

The camp places each cadet in a variety of leadership positions, many of which simulate stressful combat situations. In each position, cadets are evaluated by platoon tactical officers and noncommissioned officers. In addition to demonstrating their leadership ability, cadets must meet established standards in physical fitness, weapons training, communication, combat patrols, and additional military skills. Cadets must excel at camp to be competitive for Army commissions.

Ranger Challenge Team

The purpose for Ranger Challenge Program is to challenge cadets in tough mental and physical competition, enhance leader development, develop team cohesion, and to develop healthy competition among the battalions.  Each year, top cadets from around the country gather to compete in Army ROTC's varsity sport: the ROTC Ranger Challenge.  This voluntary competition offers outstanding teamwork training while demanding your best physical and mental efforts. Events include orienteering, in which teams use land navigation skills to find 40 checkpoints over a four-square-mile course; and constructing a one-rope bridge, in which teams cross a 40-foot water obstacle using a single rope and plenty of ingenuity. 

Other events include the grenade assault course or grenade throw (depending on course availability), patrolling (option to administer written test); land navigation, M4 marksmanship, weapons disassembly and assembly, and a 10K road march.

Army ROTC Color Guard

The University of Colorado- Boulder ROTC Color Guard is one of our most highly respected organizations. They are responsible for carrying our nation's colors during parades, football games, basketball games, marches, and other various events.

Each year in Golden, the Army ROTC Color Guard is requested to be present at local parades. In addition to the Color Guard, other cadets are welcome to attend and walk with the floats! To be part of the Color Guard is an honor and is truly respected.

The Army ROTC Color Guard team performs at a Colorado Buffalo football game.

Army ROTC has many groups available to cadets, including the Color Guard team that performs at various events throughout the year.

Military Ball

The Military Ball is an age-old tradition in the Army. An occasion for which military personnel dress in their finest uniforms, a Military Ball is an opportunity for cadets, cadre, alumni, and faculty to interact in a social, albeit formal, setting. Food, atmosphere, and entertainment are festive, extravagant and pleasant. Awards are presented to cadets. This is very likely to be the most popular event the Buffalo Battalion offers.

Military Ball photo

Tri Mil Competition

Army ROTC teaches cadets the importance of comradery through many different events. Cadets compete against the Navy, Air Force, and Marine ROTC cadets as a fun way to build competitive spirit and teamwork.







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