Field School

  • ANTH 4350: Archaeological Field and Laboratory Research.
    Students participate in archaeological field research or conduct laboratory analysis of archaeological materials and data. Students work with faculty on archaeological research projects with a field or lab focus, depending on the project undertaken. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours. Prereq., instructor consent. Same as ANTH 5350.
Bluff Great House dig
Bluff Great House dig
(Photo/Cathy Cameron)

Every summer the CU Department of Anthropology conducts an archaeological field school for interested undergraduate and graduate students. From 2002-2004, the field school was conducted in the Southwest. In the summers of 2005 through 2013, students set up camp on the Great Plains with Doug Bamforth.

Summer Archaeological Field School 2014: The 2014 Anthropology Department summer archaeological field school will focus on the Plains Village Period (AD 1200 through 1400) occupation of the Pine Ridge area in northwestern Nebraska, along with an opportunity to work on a Late Prehistoric site in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. The class will provide training in detailed archaeological site excavation, soil/stratigraphic analysis and, depending on ongoing negotiations with local groups, site survey and recording. For review, a course syllabus and application are available.