Career Possibilities

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Anthropology offers you perspectives and knowledge for a variety of careers. As a graduate in anthropology, your academic background may be useful in positions that require an understanding of cultures and subcultures that exist in contemporary society.

Career options include entry-level positions in fields such as education, city management, health care delivery, advertising, market research, foreign service, journalism, public relations, library work, government service, and personnel management. In the long run, an anthropology background will provide you with the breadth and flexibility required to respond positively to career changes that you may face in your professional life. A good place to explore the range of possibilities is the American Anthropological Association website.

If you plan to pursue a graduate or professional degree, work in anthropology is excellent preparation for work in archaeology, the social sciences, ecology, conservation, law, medicine, dentistry, and business. Career Services offers a number of programs and services designed to help you plan your career, including workshops, internships, and placement services after graduation. For an appointment with a career counselor or for more information, call 303-492-6541 or stop by Center for Community, Room N352.

Michelle measuring arm
Michelle measuring arm

Jackson's staircase, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico McCabe interview with Turkana pastoralists
McCabe interview with Turkana pastoralists
  Jackson's staircase, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (Photo/Jeff Ferguson)