James R. McGoodwin (Ph. D. 1973, University of Texas)

For most of my career I have focused on fishing communities and fisheries management.  My field work has taken me all over the world—from hot-humid tropics to Arctic regions—where I have worked with indigenous, rural, and modern-contemporary fishing people.  My current research explores the development of fisheries policies for high-latitude regions, where the impacts of global warming and climatic change are forecast to be especially severe.  And as a fisheries-policy analyst, I am sometimes asked by international organizations to share anthropological perspectives regarding fishing communities.

At CU-Boulder, I regularly offered an advanced course, The Anthropology of Fishing. I also offered courses stemming from some of my other interests, including Maritime People - Seafarers and Fishers, The Anthropology of Hunting, and The Ethnography of Mexico.

Russ McGoodwin

Selected Publications:

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  • 1999 “Tell Them We’re Hurting”: Hurricane Andrew, the culture of response, and the fishing peoples of South Florida and Louisiana,” (with Christopher L. Dyer), chapter 11, pp. 213-231 in Anthony Oliver-Smith and Susanna M. Hoffman, eds., The Angry Earth: Disaster in Anthropological Perspective. New York: Routledge.

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