Anthropology 50th Anniversary Celebration, September 2006

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CU Anthropology 50th group photo George Armelagos lecture Jack Kelso, Wenda Trevathan, and Lynn Udick Dave Breternitz with younger generation Sherry Yowell, Rob Hackenberg, and Warren Hern Florence Lister and son Frank Minna Hewes, Carl Stewart, Steve Stewart and Juan Ignacio Stewart Dave Greene lecturing Fran Snow, Lynn Sibley, and Nikki Teufel-Shone John Sheets, Joy Stevenson, and daughter, with Omer portrait Alan Simmons Max Pavesic, Jim Haug, and Leedom Lefferts Jerry Rose Peter van Arsdale and friends Kerry Feldman Joy Clausen Princeton and Nancy Malville Michelle Sauther and Frank Couzzo Kaifa Roland lecturing Lori Fields and Arion Mayes Jamie Dubendorf, Carey Scheerer, and Magda Stawkowski Milling crowd by Hale Curbside conversations Lunchtable group Dining tent scene