Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with specializations in the subdisciplines of archaeology, biological anthropology and cultural anthropology. Students who acquire an advanced degree are equipped to transmit to others the knowledge, central principles, theories and research methods that have been developed in the discipline of anthropology.

Successful candidates will have a reasonable knowledge of the historical development of general anthropological concepts and theory and of directly relevant concepts and knowledge from related disciplines. In addition, successful candidates for the doctoral degree are expected to carry out and report original anthropological research within a circumscribed area of specialization. They are also expected to be capable of teaching the precepts of their specialty and of guiding future candidates for the doctoral degree through a program of research training.

Degree Requirements and Admissions Information

For additional information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Art Joyce.

Lekson crew at Chimney Rock
Baby lemur catta on pipe
Kuravar Jewelry, Sri Lanka
Lekson crew at Chimney Rock
(Photo/Brenda Todd)
Baby lemur catta on pipe
(Photo/Michelle Sauther)
Kuravar jewelry, Sri Lanka
(Photo/Dennis McGilvray)

Faculty, Graduate Student and Alumni Profiles

If you're interested in seeing what our professors and graduate students are doing here at CU-Boulder, we have compiled a number of profiles detailing research projects from current graduate students, professors and even some recent alumni. Come take a look at what we do, and see if CU-Boulder is right for you - Graduate Study in Anthropology.