Admissions Information

To apply for admission to graduate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, begin here:

If you are an international student, begin here:

Personal Statement: For graduate studies in the Department of Anthropology you will also need to include a Personal Statement:

Your Personal Statement should be tailored to the CU Department of Anthropology Graduate Program, identifying how your academic and career aspirations can be met by the faculty and curriculum of our program. Successful applicants will indicate which faculty member they are interested in working with and why, and will outline a plan that fits with the program offerings of the CU Department of Anthropology. Please be concise: one or two pages at most. If you need assistance in preparing a good Personal Statement, there are many options on the Internet. We have found the guidelines of the Berkeley Career Center at: to be particularly helpful.

Deadline: The deadline to apply for Fall 2015 admissions is January 9, 2015 for domestic applicants or

                                                                                        December 1, 2014 for international applicants.

International Students please note:

English proficiency may be demonstrated through any of the following exams:

TOEFL® PBT: minimum test score of 600 points

TOEFL iBT®: minimum test score of 100 points

IELTS Academic Module: minimum score of 7.0

Dual Degree MA/MBA Applicants must apply to each program separately and must meet the application requirements and admissions standards for each program. Applicants are urged to have a conversation with the Anthropology faculty member who is most closely aligned with their interests prior to submitting an application. It is important that students clearly indicate their interest in the dual degree program in their Personal Statement to the Department of Anthropology. For more information, see the Dual MA/MBA Program webpage.

Status of Your Application: It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required materials, including GRE scores, are received in Graduate Admissions by the deadline above. Incomplete applications cannot be considered beyond this closing date. (References will be allowed a seven-day grace period.) Applicants should monitor the status of materials through their account on the application portal.

By applying to our graduate program, you will automatically be evaluated for one of our fellowships and may be considered for other funds to support graduate education. Anthropology Department fellowships are competitive and based strictly on academic performance. Because they are limited, we encourage you to visit CU Financial Aid at: and apply for additional financial aid that you anticipate you might need.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships administered by the Center for Asian Studies are available to CU graduate students who are studying a modern Asian language as part of their program of study. For more information on how to apply for FLAS Fellowships go to


For more information please contact:

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