Samir Singh

Graduate Student
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Research Interests:

Much of what is known about biology has been elucidated utilizing monolayer cell cultures on a two dimensional support, such as tissue culture poly(styrene).  However, these systems often introduce aberrations in cellular function, such as enhanced polarity and activation of cellular signaling cascades.  My work has two specific aims.  First I am working towards understanding how the microenvironment influences RAS signaling cascades in healthy and diseased cells and secondly to investigate how changes in basal signaling affect survival, death, and metastasis of diseased cells, specifically melanoma.

Selected Publications:

B.D. Fairbanks, S.P. Singh, C.N. Bowman, and K.S. Anseth, "Photodegradable, Photoadaptable Hydrogels via Radical-Mediated Disulfide Fragmentation Reaction," Macromolecules, 44 (8), 2444-2450 (2011).