William Wan and Anseth Group alum Chelsea Kirschner win MSE Seed Grant

Sept. 4, 2013

William Wan and former Anseth Group postdoc Chelsea Kirschner, now at Sharklet Technologies, were just awarded a Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) seed grant for their project titled, "Dynamically tunable hydrogels to probe cellular responses to tissue fibrosis." Congratulations Will!Read more »

Dan McKinnon earns September Employee of the Month

Sept. 3, 2013

Dan McKinnon earns the September EOTM award for his work in maintaining the group website, starting the group Twitter account (follow us @AnsethGroup), passing his Comprehensive Exam, and getting a paper accepted into Advanced Materials . Congratulations Dan!Read more »

Dan McKinnon unconditionally passes Comprehensive Exam

Aug. 27, 2013

Dan McKinnon , studying the extension of motor axons through synthetic hydrogels, passed his comps exam unconditionally. Kristi Anseth, Jen Cha, Curt Freed, Joel Kaar, and Stephanie Bryant all served on his committee. Congratulations Dan!Read more »

Undergraduate researcher Dillon Donohue ends Anseth Group tenure and begins his career

Aug. 26, 2013

Dillon Donohue, mentored by Danny Alge, co-author on two excellent papers and winner of the departmental award for best senior researcher, is moving on from the Anseth lab and starting his career. Good luck whevere you land Dillon!Read more »

Abby Bernard leaves Anseth Group for polymer engineering position at Michelin

Aug. 24, 2013

Abby ended her successful six-year tenure in the Anseth Group today to begin her career at Michelin in North Carolina. She will be applying her polymer engineering expertise to new tire formulations they will be keeping us all safe on the road. Good luck Abby!Read more »

Sarah Gould successfully defends her thesis

Aug. 24, 2013

Sarah Gould successfully defended her thesis and is the 35th student to earn her doctorate from the Anseth Group. Her thesis focused on characterizing the response of valvular interstitial cells to different biochemical and biophysical microenvironments. Sarah will be doing a short post-doc in the Anseth Group before spreading her... Read more »

Chelsea Kirschner leaves Anseth Group for Senior Biomedical Engineer position at Sharklet Technologies

Aug. 19, 2013

Chelsea Kirschner, a postdoc in the Anseth Group from 2011-2013, will be applying her expertise in micropatterning surfaces to tackle bacterial fouling with Sharklet Technologies. She produced three excellent papers in the Anseth Group and pioneered photodynamic topographies for stem cell differentiation. Best of luck at Sharklet Chelsea! http://sharklet.com/Read more »

Kristi Anseth wins 2013 AIChE James E. Baily Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Biological Engineering

Aug. 14, 2013

AIChE will bestow the James E. Baily Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Biological Engineering upon Kristi at the 2013 Fall Meeting in San Francisco. She will deliver her award lecture November 5, 2013, 6:00pm-7:00pm Hilton SF, Grand Ballroom. Congrats Kristi and I hope we see you there... Read more »

Danny Alge publishes "Facile and efficient Lewis acid catalyzed synthesis of an asymmetric tetrazine useful for bio-orthogonal click chemistry applications" in Tetrahedron Letters

Aug. 14, 2013

Danny Alge and his undergraduate researcher Dylan Donohue characterized the addition of a lewis acid catalyst (nickel) in the synthesis of a tetrazine molecule useful in click chemistry applications. D.L. Alge, D.F. Donohue, and K.S. Anseth , "Facile and Efficient Lewis Acid Catalyzed Synthesis of an Asymmetric Tetrazine Useful for... Read more »

Abby Bernard earns August Employee of the Month

Aug. 2, 2013

Abby Bernard has demonstrated exception leadership and poise through her five years in the Anseth group and is leaving for a succesful career at Michelin tires. She is the first two-time Employee of the Month and will be missed. Congratulations Abby!Read more »