News & Awards

Amelia, Annie, and Jesse have been hard at work this year preparing excellent projects for the science fair.

In this paper, Balaji Sridhar demonstrates improved glycosaminoglycan and collagen deposition by co-encapsulating chondrocytes and MSCs in a functionalized cell-degradable PEG

Kristi was selected to give the 2015 Bayer Distinguished Lecture, based on "outstanding excellence in chemical education, outreach and research." See her talk on Thursday, April 23rd at 5 pm or Friday, April 24th at 9 am

We are excited to welcome four new members to the lab this year, and look forward to seeing their progress. Check out their bios here.

Congratulations to Emi and Balaji, the latest PhDs from the Anseth lab.

Nanoly, an Anseth Lab startup working to stabilize vaccines without refrigeration, won the $75,000 grand prize in the Young Innovator category at the Tech Awards in San Fransisco.

Sharon (co-advised by Kristi and Leslie Leinwand) writes about the unique experience of being part of two research groups.

This article, detailing a method for measuring the force of extending neurites, was recently accepted to Soft Matter and also invited for a cover art submission.

Sharon Wang has moved on to a position with Peter Sorger at Harvard Medical School Goodbye, and congratulations Sharon!