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Members of the CU-Boulder Latino Alumni Association

Join the CU-Boulder Latino Alumni Association and celebrate your CU pride while engaging and contributing to CU-Boulder in a variety of ways. We host fun events throughout the year in the Denver/Boulder area, including our annual Chile Open that raises thousands of dollars for Latino students who are attending the university.


The CU Boulder Latino Alumni Association (CUBLAA) formerly the Hispanic Alumni Association of the University of Colorado at Boulder (HAA) has been in existence since 1984.

The primary goals of CUBLAA are to encourage commitment to the Hispanic/Latino community, to perpetuate the study of Hispanic-American/Latino culture and history, and to encourage individuals in the Hispanic/Latino community to achieve their educational goals. In this effort, CUBLAA awards scholarships annually to individuals who are pursuing a degree and have demonstrated a commitment to the Hispanic/Latino community and/or who have contributed to the study of Hispanic/Latino American culture, education and history. This year we gave $40,000 in scholarships.

CUBLAA began as a group of alumni interested in having a reunion in 1984. Over time what was initially an opportunity for alumni to unite with old friends evolved into the CU Boulder Latino Alumni Association. Eight scholarships were awarded in 1988. Since that time, approximately 1,000 scholarships have been awarded by CUBLAA, totaling over $900,000.

CUBLAA is part of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association. If you would like more information on events, activities or would like to attend a board meeting or join the CUBLAA’s Board of Directors, you can contact any of the board members. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events! Go Buffs!

If you are interested in joining CUBLAA please contact us at

Current CU Boulder Latino Alumni Association Board Members:

  • Diego Baca
  • Ron Cabrera
  • Danielle Ceballos
  • Michael Diaz
  • Anselma Lopez
  • Ana Rojas-Artica
  • Vanessa Roman

Alumni Association Staff LiaisonHailee Koehler.

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