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Does the Department allow students to audit a course without registering?

The department does not allow students to audit our courses without formally enrolling in the course.

(See the following question to learn about enrollment options for non-degree seeking students.)

Can I take ALC courses if I am not a student at the University of Colorado Boulder?

Non-degree seeking students can take any of our courses through Continuing Education at CU Boulder. Details about how to enroll, tuition, and more can be found on the Continuing Education website.

Continuing Education Programs:

  • ACCESS enables non-degree students to take Boulder main campus undergraduate or graduate courses for personal or professional development.
  • The High School Concurrent Program is intended for high school students interested in the challenge of completing college courses at the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • The Community Auditors program allows you the opportunity to attend university classes for no academic credit.*

Other CU Boulder Programs:

  • The Senior Auditors program through the CU Boulder Alumni Association provides Colorado residents ages 55 and over the opportunity to attend CU Boulder classes.*
  • ALTEC non-credit language classes are open to community members and CU Boulder affiliates.

*NOTE: With instructor permission, community and senior auditors may register for ALC content courses. However, auditors are not allowed to enroll in our language classes.

Does ALC offer translation and interpretation services?

The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations does not offer translation or interpretation services. You will need to contact outside services. You may also consult our list of tutors on our website, but please note that they have not been vetted for their translation abilities.

Does the Department offer tutoring?

Although the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations does not offer tutoring services, we do maintain a list of tutors and language resources on our website. Please contact your course Instructor for further options.

How can I find out more information about applying to the Graduate Program?

Detailed information about our Chinese Graduate Programs and Japanese Graduate Programs can be found on our website. Interested applicants should visit our Prospective Students page for additional information on degree programs, how to apply, and funding.

Where can I find information on the language placement exams?

To determine the appropriate level of a language course before enrolling, students with experience in that language are required to take a Language Placement Exam:


*CU-Boulder is committed to making information and resources that are available via the web accessible for all users.  The webCAPE product is currently not fully accessible for students who are using screen readers and other assistive devices and we are working with the vendor on making this accessible to all students. Students wishing to take the placement test who need academic accommodations, please contact Disability Services at For more informatio, please visit the Disability Services website.