Summer and Fall 2017 ALC Courses

Are you looking to strengthen your language skills and expand your cultural and literary knowledge? The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations will offer a wide variety of courses in Summer and Fall 2017 in its Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi/Urdu, Japanese and Korean programs. Visit our Course Schedules & Directories page to learn more!

ALC Summer 2017 Course Schedule JPNS 1010,1020,2110,2120,3110,3120 KREN 1010,1020 ALC Fall 2017 Course Schedule_Page_1 ALC Fall 2017 Course Schedule_Page_2 CHIN 1010 CHIN 3321 CHIN 3361 CHIN 4110 FRSI 1010, 2110, 1051 HIND 3661 KREN 1011 KREN 2441