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AFROTC cadets must be sharp, dedicated, and well-rounded students. To be successful in this program you must strive for excellence in all of the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Physical Fitness
  • Military Discipline
  • Moral Character

Follow the link below to find the specific eligibility requirements to join Air Force ROTC.

How to Join:

Step 1:  Enroll in one of the Det 105 schools Fall 2015 Schedule & Registration Info , then sign up for the AFROTC class through your school's Registrar

  • AS100 (4 years left of schooling)
  • AS250 (3 years left of schooling) — You must enroll in both the AS100 & AS200 classes

Step 2:  To Apply - when application window opens submit a New Cadet Package to

     New Cadet Package


If you are a CU-Boulder applicant and interested in living with a fellow ROTC cadet, annotate this when completing your "university roommate housing" application.  The university will do their best to pair you with a fellow ROTC cadet on campus.

Upon submitting your package, you MAY NOT hear back from the detachment immediately.  All expectations for new students/cadets will be laid out on the first day of class. AFROTC operates on the CU Boulder academic calendar and may not line up with crosstown schools.  Please see our schedule here: