Joseph Tanner

Senior Instructor
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Office Location: ECAE 100

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NASA Astronaut Candidate Training, 1993.
US Navy Flight Training, 1975.
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1973.

Professional Experience

2008 - present: Senior Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder
1992 - 2008: NASA Astronaut – Mission Specialist
1984 - 1992: NASA Research Pilot
1973 - 1984: US Navy Officer and Pilot

Space Flight Experience

2006: STS-115, Atlantis
Delivered, installed and activated 35,000 lb P3/P4 Truss Element, Electrical Power Module and Solar Array Rotary Joint to ISS
Payload Commander
Performed two EVAs as team lead
Participated in extensive hardware and procedures development
2000: STS-97, Endeavour
Delivered, installed and activated 35,000 lb P6 Electrical Power Module to ISS
Mission Specialist 1 (MS1) for ascent
Payload Commander
Performed three EVAs as team lead
Participated in extensive hardware and procedures development
1997: STS-82, Discovery
Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 2
MS1 for ascent
Performed two EVAs
Participated in tool and procedures development efforts
1994: STS-66, Atlantis
ATLAS-3/CRISTA-SPAS Earth Atmosphere Research mission
MS2 Flight Engineer for launch and entry
Responsible for several science experiments

NASA Distinguished Service Medal - STS-115
NASA Exceptional Service Medals (2) - STS-82, 97
NASA Space Flight Medals (4) - STS-66, 82, 97, 115
Member Association of Space Explorers since 1995
JSC Superior Achievement Award as leader of Astronaut Candidate class - 1994
NASA Stuart M. Present Flight Achievement Award for aviation excellence - 1988
Distinguished graduate from US Navy Flight Training - 1975
Distinguished Alumnus Award - Department of Mechanical Engineering, U. of I. – 1995
College of Engineering Alumni Award for Distinguished Service, U. of I. - 2002
Captain of the U. of I. Swimming Team – 1970 - 72
Top 100 Seniors Award from U. of I. 1973
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