Howard Snyder

Professor Emeritus
Contact Information:


Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago, 1961
M.S., Physics, University of Chicago, 1961
B.S., Engineering Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1952

Professional Experience

1984-present, Principal Systems Analyst/Consultant, Ball Aerospace Systems,
Boulder, CO.
1968-1999, Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of
Colorado, Boulder, CO.
1992-1993, Consultant, Superconducting Super
Collider Laboratory, Waxahatchie, TX.
1989-1991, Consultant, Storage Technology, Disk Division, Louisville,
1982-1984, Senior Engineer/Consultant, Storage Technology Optical Systems,
Longmont, CO.
1980-1982, Engineer/Consultant, Storage Technology
Microtechnology, Louisville, CO.
1975-1980, Technical Staffperson/Consultant, Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Space Physics, Pasadena, CA.
1976-1979, Consultant, ERDA Solar Demonstration Facility for the Generation
of Electrical Power, Albuquerque, NM.
1976-1979, Visiting Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research,
Boulder, CO.
1961-1968, Faculty, Department of Physics and Engineering, Brown University,
Providence, RI.
1955-1961, Laboratory Technician, University of
Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1957, Test Engineer, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murry Hill, NJ.
1952-1955, Line Officer, United States Navy.

Research Interests

Experimental methods in fluid dynamics and cryogenics,
design of very precise instruments, corrosion problems, applied mathematics,
computer simulation and modeling, oceanography and meteorology.