Below are some of the highlights of awards, honors, and recognition received by our world-renowned faculty and award-winning students. 

Awards: Faculty, Grad and Undergrad

Prof. Ryan Starkey was selected by the National Academy of Engineering to attend the Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium (2014)

Research Professor Delores Knipp, Citation for Excellence in Refereeing for Eos, AGU's weekly Transactions American Geophysical Union (2014)

Professor Hanspeter Schaub, Outstanding Young Alumni at Texas A&M University Aerospace Alumni Academy (2014)

Trudy Schwartz, Marinus Smith Award from CU Parents Association (2014)

Professor Eric Frew, AIAA Associate Fellow (2013)

Professor Hanspeter Schaub, AAS Fellow (2013)

Professor Daniel Scheeres and Former Astronaut James Voss, AIAA Fellows (2013)

Associate Professor Xinzhao Chu, Provost's Faculty Achievement Award (2013)

Professor George Born, Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award (Special), College of Engineering and Applied Science (2013)

Associate Professor Eric Frew, selected to participate in the Excellence in Leadership Program for 2013-2014

Dr. Donna Gerren, appointed Academic Board Chair of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (2013)

Assistant Prof Mahmoud Hussein, NSF CAREER award for his proposal, “Nonlinear, Dissipative Mechanics of Phononic Materials: An Integrated Research and Education Plan” (2013)

Professor Lakshmi Kantha, elected to Associate Fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Professor Kristine Larson, BFA Excellence in Research Award, University of Colorado Boulder (2013)

Professor Scott Palo, PI for fourth round of NASA Cubesat Missions to launch in 2014, 2015, and 2016; selected as founding member of AIAA Small Satellite Technical Committee (2013).

Professor Hanspeter Schaub, AIAA 2013 Summerfield Book Award for “Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems, 2nd edition”

Professor Daniel Scheeres, American Astronautical Society’s Dirk Brouwer Award for 2012.

Prof Jeff Thayer served on a panel in Washington, DC on Monday, January 28. The panel, co-hosted by the American chemical Society’s Science & Congress Project and the American Geophysical Union, discussed “Space Technology Policy: Exploring Options.” 

Instructor Donna Gerren received an AIAA Special Service Citation "In recognition for your outstanding leadership, planning and executing as General Chair for Region V Student Paper Conference 2012 hosted by the University of Colorado Boulder".

According to the 2010 NRC rankings of PhD programs in aerospace engineering, CU-Aerospace ranks fourth nationally in terms of program quality. The Sept 2012 U.S. News & World Report ranks our graduate program as 13th overall and 8th among public graduate programs in aerospace engineering; our undergraduate program is ranked 12th in the nation and 8th among public undergraduate programs.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences had research awards of $21.8 million in fiscal year 2012, the highest department on the CU-Boulder campus.

CU-Boulder has one of the highest numbers of astronaut alumni in the nation and a high participation rate in the NASA space program. To date, there are 20 CU-affiliated astronauts; 19 have flown in space.

The Boulder Faculty Assembly announced that Professor Hanspeter Schaub is the recipient of the BFA Excellence in Teaching Award, and Professor Brian Argrow is the recipient of the BFA Excellence in Service Award. Dr. Schaub is the Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, and Dr. Argrow recently completed a five-year term as Associate Dean for Education in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. (2011-2012)

The Institute of Navigation has named Professor Penina Axelrad of CCAR as the winner of the Institute of Navigation Burka Award, which is "to recognize the best technical article having appeared in NAVIGATION, The Journal of The Institute of Navigation in the last year volume." Prof Axelrad is being recognized for her paper titled: "Collective Detection and Direct Positioning Using Multiple GNSS Satellites" that appeared in the Winter issue (Volume 58, No. 4).

Two different publications feature activities of faculty and students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences in their January 2012 issues: The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society displays the RECUV equipment on its cover with an article written by RECUV faculty inside, while Aviation Week's January 23/30 issue, "2012 Aerospace: Intelligence for an Essential Industry", describes Prof. Ryan Starkey's graduate student team that is building a small supersonic UAV named Gojett.

AGU Fellow Professor William Emery has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union. Only one in a thousand members are elected to Fellowship of the AGU each year. (2012)

AIAA Fellow Professor Jeffrey M. Forbes, chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, was elected to the grade of Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. AIAA Fellows are persons of distinction who have made notable and valuable contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics.

The "Hyperion Green Aircraft Project", an AES graduate project sponsored by Professor Jean Koster, received the "Best Paper Award" from the AIAA Design Engineering Technical Committee. Prof Koster and graduate student Lydia McDowell made the presentation. Student engineering teams developed a 3m (10ft) wingspan, composite model aircraft inspired after the NASA-Boeing X-48B blended wing body to use as a test bed for advanced technical studies. The aircraft project started as an international collaboration to develop an aerial vehicle to investigate new technologies with a focus on performance efficiencies. An international team of 32 graduate and undergraduate students conceived, designed, implemented, and operated the aircraft within 9 months. Project partners are UCB, The University of Sydney, Australia, and the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Distributed eight hours apart the three teams of students relay select work daily so that work progress can "Follow-The-Sun" with three workdays compressed into 24 hours. Flight testing was conducted successfully by the global team in Colorado during the month of April 2011.

Christopher Nie and Leonard Komow (Senior Project Team: ODINSun), 3rd Place in the team category at AIAA Region V Student Conference (advisor: J. Nabity)

Kevin Dinkel, May 2014 Outstanding Graduate for Research award from the College of Engineering & Applied Science (2014) (advisor: HP. Schaub)

KatieRae Williamson and Jonathan Wu, Second Place Team Award at AIAA SciTech Forum, International Student Conference (2014) (advisor: S. Palo)

Jarred Langhals, Outstanding Graduate Award for Service (2013)

Kyle Kemble, DEAA Distinguished Senior Award (2013)

Greg McQuie and Dave Thomas (sophomores), on CU Applied Math team rated “Outstanding” in the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2013)

Christopher Nie (junior), selected for the NASA Student Ambassador Program (2013); UMC Schafer Leadership Scholarship (advisor: D. Klaus)

Emily Proano (junior), Virginia Tech for Space Science summer 2013 fellowship

Michael Skeen (BS/MS), Outstanding Graduate of the College (one of two) (2013) (advisor: R. Starkey)

Senior Project (2012-2013 team) Trac Sat, supported by Surrey Satellite Systems. Their paper titled "Testbed for CubeSat Propulsion System Control Algorithms" accepted for presentation at the 2nd IAA Conference on University Satellites Missions and Cubesat Workshop in Rome, Italy (February 2013) Students Alex Kim, Sarah M. Smith, Andrew Broucek, Zach Cuseo, Mike Opland, Mike Trobridge, Jim Bader, Bill Whitmire (advisor: D. Lawrence)

DayStar (2011-2012 senior project, advisor S. Palo) won the SpaceX Grand Prize and $1,000 at the American Astronomical Society Guidance, Navigation & Congrol Conference, Breckenridge, 2013 (also advised by H. Schaub)

A Colorado Space Grant team, primarily composed of first-year students from the AES Gateway to Space class, was one of 12 selected from across the country to have its payload launched on the High Altitude Student Platform, a flight program supported by the NASA Balloon Program Office and Louisiana Space Grant Consortium. The Hydrogen-alpha Exploration with Long Infrared Observation Systems (HELIOS) payload launched in September from Ft Sumner, NM, and HELIOS II continues the effort.

Senior Project (2012-2013) LEOPARD, first place, AIAA Region V Student Paper Conference (advisor: S. Palo)

Senior Project (2012-2013) TracSat, second place, AIAA Region V Student Paper Conference (advisor: D. Lawrence)

The CU-Boulder aerospace engineering team proposal called Lightweight, Innovative, Technology-driven Habitats for Space, or LITEHABS, tied for first place in the graduate student category for RASC-AL. LITEHABS was the creation of Jonathan Anthony, Christopher Christensen, Asa Darnell, Christine Fanchiang, Matthew Milanese, Christopher Nie, Tobias Niederwieser and Elliot Russell. (advisor: D. Klaus)

Christine Fanchiang (PhD student) and her team BioCube took 1st place at the Silicon Valley Startup Weekend Space Competition (advisor: D. Klaus)

CU’s Team MAVERIC (Christine Fanchiang, Roger Huang, Eric Threet) placed second overall in the Inspiration Mars student design competition held in Houston.

Christopher Nie, Tobias Niederwieser, and Patrick Wessels (MS students) are among 2014's Twenty20s earning recognition in Aviation Week. (advisor: D. Klaus and D. Scheeres)

Ryan McGranaghan (PhD student) his summary presentation at Los Alamos National Laboratory Space Studies Group (ISR) earned distinction of Top Presentation (advisor: D. Knipp)

Collin Bezrouk (PhD student) won a three-year DoD NDSEG Fellowship (advisor: J. Parker)

Weichun Fong (PhD student) 2nd place in MLT poster competition at CEDAR Workshop (advisor: X. Chu)

Ryan McGranaghan (PhD student) 2nd place in IT poster competition at CEDAR Workshop (advisor: D. Knipp)

Alice Bradley (PhD student) 2014 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow (NESSF) (advisor: S. Palo)

Alan Smith (PhD student) received a Chateaubriand Fellowship to work at CNES (advisor: J. Parker)

Elise Kowalski (MS student) received a Jeppesen Scholarship for 2014-2015 to study at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany (advisor: D. Klaus)

Christine Fanchiang (PhD student) was one of two students sponsored by the Boulder, Colorado chapter of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) to receive a P.E.O. Scholar Award (advisor: D. Klaus)

Luis Zea (PhD student) received a Fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to conduct research at the German Aerospace Agency (DLR) (advisor: D. Klaus)

Jonathan Aziz (PhD student) received a 2014 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (advisor: G. Born)

Trevor Bennett (PhD student) received an NSF Fellowship (advisor: HP Schaub)

Kiichiro DeLuca (PhD student) received an NSF Fellowship (advisor: D. Scheeres)

Andrew Dahir (MS student) received an NSF Fellowship (advisor: D. Akos)

Holly Borowski (PhD Candidate) received a Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year.

Lauren Blum (PhD Candidate) invited to MIT’s 2014 Women in Aerospace Symposium on April 7-8, 2014 (advisor: X. Li)

Hong Zhao (PhD candidate) selected for admission to the 4th Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School, and also received Los Alamos National Laboratory Vela Fellowship (advisor: X. Li)

Ryan McGranaghan (PhD Student Advised by Dr. Knipp) has been accepted to the Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School for summer of 2014.

Juliana Feldhacker (PhD Student Advised by Dr. Born) and McArthur Jones, Jr. (PhD Student Advised by Dr. Forbes) are winners of the 2014 AES Graduate Student Service Award.

Mike Lotto, PhD Student, Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Scholarship recipient (2014) (advisor: D. Klaus)

Gauravdev Soin, MS student, Best Paper Award for Hyperion from AIAA Design Engineering Committee (2014) (advisor: J. Koster)

Xianjing Liu, PhD Student, Outstanding Student Paper Award (OSPA) for her presentation at the Fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting entitled: Composition Change and Its Effect on Mass Density Response During a Geomagnetic Storm (2014) (advisor: J. Thayer)

Lauren Blum, PhD candidate, John A. Vise Graduate Student Excellence Award (2014) (advisor: X. Li)

Paul Anderson, PhD candidate, John A. Vise Graduate Student Excellence Award (2014) (advisor: H. Schaub)

Seven of the twenty students selected by Aviation Week for recognition as “Tomorrow’s Engineering Leaders: The Twenty20s” are in our AES department! 

1 Paul Anderson – PhD candidate
2 Brad Cheetham – PhD candidate
3 Jake Gamsky – PhD candidate
4 Erin Griggs – PhD candidate
5 Kirstyn Johnson – BS/MS candidate
6 Mike Lotto – BS candidate
7 Dan Lubey – PhD candidate

 Paul Anderson (advisor: HP Schaub)) also selected to receive the John V. Breakwell student travel award for the 2014 Space Flight Mechanics Meeting to be held in Santa Fe, NM in January 2014. Paul will receive $1,000 in support of his travel to present the paper he is co-authoring with Prof. Schaub, “Characterizing localized debris congestion in the geosynchronous orbit regime.” 

Christine Fanchiang, AES PhD student (2013) (advisor: David Klaus), Harriet G. Jenkins Graduate Fellowship from NASA's Minority University Research and Education Project (MUREP)

Paul Anderson, PhD candidate, NSF and NDSEG graduate fellowships (2013-2019) (advisor: H. Schaub)

Marco Balducci, PhD candidate, advised a team of high school students who won the NASA Real World and In World contest. He was the only advisor for the In World part. The team designed a star shade for the James Webb telescope. (Balducci’s advisor: G. Born)

Payam Banazadeh, NSF fellowship deferred candidate for one year to work at JPL (2013) (advisor: J. Parker)

Collin Bezrouk, PhD candidate, NDSEG Fellowship (2013) (advisor: J. Parker)

Cheryl Blomberg, MS candidate, Young Professional Liaison to the AIAA Board of Directors (2013-2015) (advisor: R. Starkey)

Daniel Bryant, PhD candidate, DoD SMART Fellowship (advisor: Brandon Jones)

Matthew Cannella, MS 2013, NASA travel scholarship to attend 64thInternational Astronautical Congress in Beijing, China in Sept 2014 to present paper based on his work on a Pistonless Rocket Fuel Pump (advisor: R. Starkey)

Jennifer Dowling, PhD candidate, NSF Fellowship (2012) (advisor: J. Parker)

Michael Frazier, PhD candidate, John A. Vise Graduate Student Excellence Award (2013) (advisor: M. Hussein)

Jason Leonard, PhD candidate, NASA NSTR Fellowship (2013) (advisor: G. Born)

Mike Lotto, PhD candidate, Goldwater Scholarship (2013) (advisor: D. Klaus)

Ryan McGranaghan, PhD candidate, NSF Fellowship (2013) (advisor: D. Knipp)

Lucas Miller, MS Candidate, APS TA Award for Excellence in Teaching

Waqas Qazi, PhD candidate, Muneeb Kamal International Student of the Year (2012); ATOC CU-Boulder Best Poster, Oceanography (2012); (advisor: W. Emery)

Michael Skeen, BS/MS 2013, travel scholarship to present paper at 10thInternational Planetary Probe Workshop in San Jose, CA (advisor: R. Starkey)

Laura Stiles, PhD candidate, John A. Vise Graduate Student Excellence Award (2013) (advisor: H. Schaub)

Sibylle Walter, PhD candidate, Amelia Earhart Fellowship (2013); has 3 year NASA ARMD Fellowship so cannot accept Earhart (advisor: R. Starkey)

Zhibin Yu, PhD candidate, 1stprize, CEDAR Graduate Poster Competition (2013) (advisor: X. Chu) note: since 2010, AES students have won 1stprize!

Luis Zea (PhD candidate), Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Award, AIAA Foundation Graduate Student Awards (2013) (advisor: D. Klaus)

Hyperion Green Aircraft, “Best Paper Award,” AIAA Design Engineering Technical Committee (2013).  Second award in a row for this project; third if we include the hyprid propulsion.  (Advisor: J. Koster)

CU-Boulder’s Design, Build, Fly (DBF) team took an impressive 5thplace at the 2012/2013 AIAA DBF international competition in Tucson, AZ. (Advisors: B. Argrow, D. Gerren) 

The NASA X-Hab Team was one of the winners in the eXploration Habitat (X-Hab) Academic Innovation Challenge for their proposal, “Plant Anywhere: Plants Growing in Free Habitat Space.” Funding is contingent upon a successful contract between CU-Boulder and the National Space Grant Foundation (2013) (Advisor: J. Tanner).

CU’s team won “1stplace—graduates” and “Best Advanced Concepts” at the NASA RASC-AL competition. This work was based on a class project with Dave Klaus, and Joe Tanner’s X-Hab project.

Quintin Schiller, Ph.D. candidate, was awarded the best student tutorial at the June 2012 Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) workshop held in Snowmass, Colorado. Advisor: Xinlin Li

Lauren Blum and Quintin Schiller (advisor: Xinlin Li) won third place (and Conference held on 15 August in Logan, UT, for their paper, "Characterization and Testing of an Energetic Particle Telescope for a CubeSat Platform." The CubeSat was a joint project between LASP and Aero, led by Xinlin Li and Scott Palo. Originally scheduled for launch on 2 August, the CubeSat is rescheduled to launch in early September.

This is the third time that students who worked on the CubeSat project won awards in this particular prestigious competition. Two years ago, David Gerhardt (advisor: Scott Palo) was awarded second place, while Quintin Schiller and Abhishek Mahendrakumar (advisor: Xinlin Li) were awarded third place.

We are delighted to announce that our students, along with some international collaborators, won awards in FL last week at the 2012 NASA/NIA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts-Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) design competition.

1st Place, University of Colorado at Boulder
Extraterrestrial Outpost (ExO): Design and Implementation of a Long-Term, Sustainable Lunar Habitat
Team members: Stuart Tozer, Christine Fanchiang, Nicholas Zinner, Zachary Grunder, Joshua Imobersteg, Felix Bidner and Lee Jasper

2nd Place, University of Colorado, Delft University of Technology & University of Stuttgart, Exploration of Near Earth Asteroids -- A Revolutionary Mission Architecture
Team members: CU: Simon Tardivel and Yu Takahashi
Delft: Jon Herman (incoming CU Phd student), Jon Reijneveld, Katie Dunlop
Stuttgart: Aline Zimmer

Paul Anderson (PhD advisor HP Schaub) has been awarded the AIAA Foundation Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Award.

Mack Jones (Ph.D. advisor Jeff Forbes) has been awarded a 3-year Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship.

AES graduate student Lauren Blum (advisor: Xinlin Li) has been selected for a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) for the 2012/2013 academic year.

Dan Lubey and David Surovik (advised by Dan Scheeres), and Daan Stevenson (advised by HP Schaub) have received NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships.