Visions Lab Information

The Vision Lab is an aerospace teaching computer lab available for use by grad and undergrad aerospace students. Instructors can also schedule courses to be taught in the lab. The lab is managed and maintained by the Aerospace department. It has 25 computers each at their own table so there is plenty of room. There are 2 large white boards at the front of the lab for instructors to use. There is a ceiling mounted projector with VGA cable available for connecting to computers for presentations. There is also a standard overhead projector available to instructors (it is inside the locked office, any instructor that wants to use it will need to request a key for the office).

Specialized software available in the lab includes: Ansys, Matlab, IDL/ENVI, SolidWorks, STK, and TecPlot.

In order to use the lab, students must complete the Lab Usage Policy sheet (see below) and return it to the System Administrator's office (door inside the lab) or mailbox (mailbox is in the administrative offices on the 6th floor of the office tower) or use the Online Form. An account will be created as soon as possible and account information will be sent to the student's CU email account. The student's Buff One card will then provide access into the lab. Please read the rules on the policy sheet before signing.

Instructors who want to teach a course in the lab need to go through the normal room reservation process. The room number for the lab is ECAE 1B73. Instructors should email to the System Administrator the days and times they will be holding class in the lab so courses may be added to the schedule posted below and on the door of the lab. This helps students plan their work in the lab around scheduled courses.

Current Lab Schedule

Special Lab Schedule: Lab reserved for these times for events that are not courses using the lab the entire semester

There are no scheduled events in the lab.