AES Machine Shop Information

Machines Aavailable in the shop

Vertical milling machines, both manual and CNC (computer numerical control)
Lathes (toolroom, engine, and CNC)
Sheet metal equipment (shear, press brake, corner notcher, roller)
Welding/Hot work (soldering, brazing, TIG welding steel & aluminum, oxy-acetylene & butane torches)
Measurement tools (calipers, micrometers, precision squares, test indicators)

Software used in the shop

Solidworks 2007 CAD (computer aided drafting & modeling)
MasterCam 9.0 CAM (computer aided machining)

Other services available

Parts cleaning & deburring
Print examination and creation
Tolerancing (standard, precise, press/slip fits)

Shop Manager: Matt Rhode
Shop Phone: 492-7556