Industry partnerships play a key role in the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department’s research and education programs.  Through these partnerships, we work with industry to enhance our educational programs and further the nation’s academic, commercial, civil, and government aerospace goals. There are numerous opportunities to form partnerships with us for mutually beneficial outcomes. Please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to working with you.

Research Education Services Sponsorship
  • Fundamental and
  • Joint research
  • Technology transfer
  • Student projects
  • Guest lectures
  • Interns, co-ops
  • Future employees
  • Distance professional
  • Facilities use
  • Special tests
  • Contract work
  • Target acquisitions 
    through eSpace
  • Scholarships
  • Advisory boards
  • Endowed chairs
  • Endowed programs

Senior Projects
Dale Lawrence, Professor & Coordinator
Undergraduate Senior Projects

GoJett Graduate Project Team

Graduate Projects
Joseph Tanner, Coordinator
Graduate Projects Course

CU-Boulder AeroSpace Ventures
and Research Partnerships

Diane Dimeff, Managing Director

Student Recruitment
Lisa Lovett, Employer Relations Director

Jessica Wright, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Principal Gifts