CU AeroSpace Ventures in Research

AeroSpace Ventures brings together engineering and science activities across campus with industry and government laboratories to develop instruments, vehicles, systems, and methods that observe, measure, and better understand Earth and space.  These research collaborations lead to new innovations, technologies, and capabilities that address complex, multidisciplinary issues such as those associated with situational awareness, severe weather and climate, and the global water cycle.

Capabilities/Technologies:  Autonomous UAS | GPS | Atmospheric modeling |  Computational methods | Small satellites | Precise orbit determination | Satellite mission design | Sounding rockets | Optical instruments | LIDAR | Solar radiants | Energetic particles | Cosmic dust detection | EM fields | Propulsion | Multi-physics simulations | UAS operations | Satellite attitude and determination

 Applications:  Remote sensing | Situational awareness | Geodynamics | Orbital debris | Space weather | Human space exploration  | Severe weather | Climate | Advanced technologies | Space and Earth sciences

Research Centers