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Who Do I Contact If...

I need to send in additional documentation?

If you have seen on your MyCUBoulder checklist that you are missing official documents such as transcripts, please mail them to:

Overnight/Express Mailing Address (DHL, UPS, Fedex)          

Office of Admissions/International               
University of Colorado Boulder                     
3100 Marine Street - 65 UCB
Bldg RL3 Suite A122
Boulder, CO 80303-1058 USA

For standard international mail or mail within the US, including USPS Priority and Express:

Office of Admissions/International
University of Colorado Boulder
3100 Marine St Suite A122
65 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0065 USA

If the documents we are missing do not need to be official, you may e-mail them to

I am having trouble with my MyCUBoulder account?

Review the Getting Help section of the MyCUBoulder portal. If you still need assistance, fill out the MyCUBoulder support form and our technology assistance team will contact you.

I want to confirm my intent to enroll at CU-Boulder?

After you have been admitted and have decided to attend CU-Boulder, your first step is to confirm your intent to enroll in your MyCUBoulder account. Simply go to the ‘Confirm’ tab and read the confirmation instructions carefull

I can’t see my international transfer credit?

After you have confirmed your intent to enroll, the Office of Admissions completes an initial evaluation of your transfer credit. The process takes 4–6 weeks, provided we have received official transcripts or an official score report (directly from the College Board or International Baccalaureate). Once available, you will be able to access your Transfer Credit Evaluation from the ‘Confirm’ tab in MyCUBoulder.

Final approval of transfer credit and how it will be applied to your degree will be determined by your academic advisor in your college or school, and you will receive confirmation of your transfer credit during university orientation

I am having trouble activating my IdentiKey?

View the step-by-step instructions for assistance. You may also contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at for help. If you do not have a U.S. social security number, they will issue you a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) instead.

I want to apply for on-campus housing?

Once you have activated your IdentiKey, you can sign up for housing at (It can take up to 3 business days for your IdentiKey to be processed.

I want to live off campus and need assistance?

All freshman level students must live on campus. If you are a transfer student, you may live off campus. The Off-Campus Student Services office provides a database of housing available for rent around Boulder, as well as other advice for living off campus.

I’m ready to register for my university orientation session?

After you have activated your IdentiKey, you can sign up for an orientation session through (It can take up to 3 business days for your IdentiKey to be processed.

I would like to defer my application to CU-Boulder?

You may request a deferral of your enrollment for up to one year by filling out the ‘Request Deferral’ form on the ‘Confirm’ tab in your MyCUBoulder account. You must submit your request for a deferral before the first day of classes for the term to which you were originally admitted. Alternatively, you may send an e-mail to explaining which semester and year you would like to be deferred.

I would like to cancel my application to CU-Boulder?

If you will not be attending CU-Boulder, go to the ‘Confirm’ tab in your MyCUBoulder account, click the ‘Confirm Online Now’ button, then the ‘Accept/Decline Your Admission’ link, and follow the cancellation instructions.Alternatively, you may send an e-mail to saying that you have decided to cancel your application/admission to CU-Boulder.

I haven’t received my I-20 for my F-1 visa?

Check your status in your MyCUBoulder account. It may be that we are still missing important funding documents or your proof of English proficiency. After we have these documents, we can issue your I-20. Otherwise, you may contact with questions.

I haven’t received my DS-2019 for my J-1 visa?

Check your status in your MyCUBoulder account. We may be missing important funding documents or your proof of English proficiency. You may contact Maria Zellar at in ISSS for questions about your DS-2019.

I want to register for classes?

I will be late arriving to CU?

All students are required to attend a university orientation session. The last orientation session is offered the week before classes begin. Not attending orientation may result in your inability to attend CU. If you have circumstances beyond your control, you may call the Office of Orientation at +1-303-492-4431.