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Profile: Tyler Hartung

Tell us about your career.

I am the vice president of finance and operations for the Unreasonable Institute, which exists to help entrepreneurs who have one unifying goal —to build businesses that make money and improve the world. As the VP of finance and operations, I have my hand in a lot of different pots. One day, I am talking to someone from Entrepreneur magazine trying to get an article about us published and helping an entrepreneur from Guatemala develop her financial model. The next day, I am researching local chefs to cook during the Institute, projecting our cash flow statements, and calling the Boulder Theater to secure a venue for our closing event. It’s fun being involved in all aspects of a growing company.

You and your business partners are all CU-Boulder alumni. How did you meet?

I met the first of our co-founders after auditing a CU-Boulder microfinance class two years after I graduated. I was telling the professor that I wanted to find a new career path—one that let me use business to do good in the world, and she said she had someone I had to meet. That person became one of a few CU-Boulder alums with whom I co-founded the Unreasonable Institute.

How did CU-Boulder prepare you for your career?

CU-Boulder gave me the flexibility to be involved in a lot of things and to take leadership roles. The opportunity to become a leader and manage projects early in my student career was extremely rewarding.

Were you involved in student groups and activities?

Yes. By my junior year, I was the business manager of Program Council and overseeing the budgets of 15 departments. I was also the president of The Herd, a 6,000-member student group, and was developing business plans and investor presentations in the classroom.

Why did you decide to attend CU-Boulder?

It was a combination of nationally recognized engineering and business programs, a campus that I could see myself spending years on, and a community that values the outdoors, the environment, and living life to its fullest. One thing that I didn't realize, and should have been a draw for me, was the greater Boulder community. It is incredible, and if you tap into it, you will be amazed.

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